Splash Reviews

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February 3, 2009
Director Ron Howard has a good sense of the whimsical, and his film is sweet and unpretentious, though somewhat ribald when one realizes the studio from whence it sprang.
February 3, 2009
The movie that really showed Tom Hanks' promise as a deliverer of great comedy and heart-warming pathos.
May 26, 2006
Hannah does wonders with her thankless job, flitting tiny moments of joy and confusion across her face.
February 17, 2006
October 28, 2005
It's all been downhill from here for Ron Howard
June 1, 2005
March 26, 2005
June 4, 2004
Very dated, but still fun
April 29, 2004
Splash is a light-hearted comedy directed by Ron Howard that sparkles here and there thanks to its fairy tale elements.
March 28, 2004
Splash is probably the ultimate fish-out-of-water film, primarily because it literally features a fish out of water.
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