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½ August 12, 2017
Romantic pranGsters.
November 7, 2016
Funny great film. With great acting. Thrilling and well written.
½ June 22, 2016
A bit lite, but fun enough buddy cop story. And M. Stowe seems always to improve what's on the screen! A bit of a quick trip back to the late Reagan era ...
½ February 16, 2016
They ate all the food and left dog turds in the fridge.

Two rival cops are assigned to assist an FBI case watching over a drug lords ex-girlfriend. One group of cops watches the assigned target during the day and the other two watches through the night. The night crew are loose cannons and one of them falls in love with the target. He gets too involved which jeopardizes the mission.

"I didn't touch your fag rag!"

John Barman, director of Saturday Night Fever, Short Circuit, Drop Zone, Bird on a Wire, Point of No Return, Another Stakeout, and The Hard Way, delivers Stakeout. The storyline for this picture is pretty cliché with some unrealistic sequences. The characters are worth following and the acting is okay. The cast includes Emilio Estevez, Richard Dreyfus, Forest Whitaker, Ian Tracey, Aiden Quinn, Aidan Quinn, and Madeleine Stowe.

"Do you eat like that in front of your mother?"

I came across these films on Showtime Anytime and decided to watch them again for the first time in a long time. This was very cliché 80s and the only thing that made this worth watching is the funny interactions between Estevez and Dreyfus. This is only worth watching if nothing better is on.

"One minute you're a god, the next minute you're a scum-suckin' pig."

Grade: C
January 31, 2016
Stakeout. This is one of those movies which I love watching. The thrills, the laughs and also the good fun.
½ November 21, 2015
This was pretty boring for the most part. The action was dull and the comedy was just horrible. It did get slightly more interesting towards the end, but ultimately, I really didn't care much about what was going on in this movie.
½ October 18, 2015
Slow movie but barely any laughs
½ May 30, 2015
One of the greatest buddy movies of all time. Dreyfus and Estevez is chemistry is hilarious and super dynamic... And have you ever seen Richard Dreyfus and Paul Newman in the same room? Just saying.
April 8, 2015
Entertaining enough buddy cop comedy with romance to boot.
December 12, 2014
Very good movie. It's the typical buddy cop action movie of the 80s, but it's still very funny, pretty clever, and delivers great performances from Estevez and Dreyfuss.
Super Reviewer
November 27, 2014
The same year as the greatest buddy cop action flick of all time 'Lethal Weapon' and at times you can see a similarity to be honest. The opening credits definitely have a similar tone and font/colour to the Donner movies opening, but this movie is obviously more of a comedy than thriller. Who'd of thought you'd see Dreyfuss in a cop based action flick though huh, what's even more unusual is Dreyfuss is actually way more believable as the ass-kicking cop than baby-faced Estevez.

So a dangerous criminal has broken out of jail and is coming after his ex-squeeze because she has a load of his money hidden away in her home (she doesn't know). The police are drafted in to stakeout the place (hence the movies title...huh huh) and watch over the woman whilst waiting for the crook so they can nick him. Its up to old man Dreyfuss and his younger partner Estevez to stake out this woman's home by night whilst two other cops (Lauria and Whitaker) stake it out by day.

As you can imagine much pissing around and slapstick ensues as the main mustachioed duo of Dreyfuss and Estevez play pranks on the other two cops, snooping around the woman's house without permission and eventually interacting with her (without permission). As already said its surprising to see Dreyfuss being the cocky arrogant ladies man who basically gets Estevez into hot water with his unprofessional antics. You really really expect the wild card to be Estevez, instead he tends to sit on the sidelines being the uppity by the book cop in the duo. In fact this movie is mainly a vehicle for Dreyfuss truth be told, he's the man, he gets all the action and he gets the girl.

This movie really took me back though, I remember seeing it on the shelves at my local videostore when I was a kid...hell I remember it coming out in the videostore. Its such a dated movie and so so very 80's (naturally), all the action is well shot and directed but its completely overblown in places, hyped up with a typical action movie score ad chock full of those typical action movie type sequences and closeups with witty quickfire quips. The only surprise the movie has going is the fact the bad guy doesn't die in a big way...he merely dies...oh spoiler warning...well not really its bloody obvious, this is an 80's action movie for heavens sake.

The finale I'm talking of is quite an anti climax actually. The whole chase sequence is filled with guns firing, bullets pinging off metal just missing every bodies heads and both antagonist and protagonist are leaping around like gazelles on too much coffee. This all takes place in a logging factory with lots of big dangerous machines so you'd bet your bottom dollar the bad guy will get cut in half or squashed...or whatever. Well you'd think that but no! not in this action movie, nope it looks great, its tense but in the end it limps to a weak conclusion and of course soppy ending.

I'm not saying the movie is poor...but I found it average, a poor man's watered down 'Lethal Weapon' really. Estevez and Dreyfuss are a good combination (oddly enough) and they do spark well off each other at times. The start of the movie is the most entertaining with the duo messing around and...ermm staking out. But as things progress and a love story blossoms it gets a little drab and cheesy, of course its predictable and really the main villain isn't that bad, or not bad enough. I know its not meant to be an overly violent action fest but its not overly funny either...just a standard cop flick with a standard wise-ass duo who like to break their bosses balls being rebellious (twas the thing back then).

There isn't an abundance of action either to be honest, the odd car chase and gunfight routines. Being one of the earlier action movies in the genre it gets a pass as the concept is a little more original than other cop flicks and the duo are an unexpected quirky double team. Up against other big hitters like 'Lethal Weapon' '48 Hours' 'Beverly Hills Cop' can't quite compete but it holds its own just about. It does the job but it won't have you thinking about it much after the credits have rolled. Its a fast food action movie and its...well ya know...very 80's (get your Boglins out).
½ November 12, 2014
Richard Dreyfuss, Madeline Stow, Emilio Estevez, Aidan Quin, Forest Whitaker... I mean there is some serious talent in this movie... Richard and Emilio hit it off beautifully and in fact there is some adlibed lines between them that are funny.... This movie is now 20years old, but it still rates a solid 9 out of 10 from me! Sit back, dimm the lights, and enjoy!
½ August 11, 2014
(First and only viewing - 9/25/2008)
August 4, 2014
Sometimes the chemistry between the right two stars is all it takes to sell a pedestrian and predictable story, and few movies put that to the test better than "Stakeout". The unlikely pairing of Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez must have sounded like a tough sell, but their relationship is the big draw in this fairly predictable picture and turns it into a pleasant surprise,

The two actors play off of each other marvelously and are clearly having a great time as the film itself shifts through about a half dozen genres. The constantly shifting tones only ensures that you will never be bored. It is essentially a buddy cop movie, and the stars keep it fresh while veteran filmmaker John Badham keeps things energetic and surprisingly light despite some seedy and needlessly violent moments.

The screenplay is chock full of cliches, but writer Jim Kouf can be quite imaginative when he needs to be and he keeps coming up with clever bits to keep the proceedings enjoyable. A great example is the scene where Dreyfuss sleeps over at Madeleine Stowe's place for the first time. And speaking of Stowe, she is radiant here giving a breakthrough performance. It's a shame that her star didn't shine brighter and longer, but co-star Aidan Quinn isn't given much to do with his stock character. His main function is to throw violence into what is basically an entertaining piece of '80's fluff.

"Stakeout" is a well made film, short on laughs but big on smiles, with two great lead actors who carry this a long way.
July 9, 2014
Funny cop buddy film from the 80's.
½ June 15, 2014
Stakeout est une comédie policière fortement datée des années 80, de la musique à l'humour, en passant par le casting, réalisée de manière efficace par le vieux briscard John Badham. Sympathique, pas forcément hilarante mais jamais ennuyeuse, le film scénarisé par Jim Kouf est divertissant et dominé par un Richard Dreyfuss des grands jours qui cabotine comme à ses grandes heures et par Madeleine Stowe, qui faisait ses débuts dans le cinéma mainstream. Cependant, Emilio Estevez et Forest Whitaker sont malheureusement un peu sous-utilisés.
May 13, 2014
Richard dreyfuss and emilio estevez star as two prankster buddy cops named chris and bill who go on a stakeout after two murderer's escape prison. They get send to watch the murderers girlfriend but chris ( dreyfuss ) ends up falling in love with her and making the situation more complicated. I thought the pair of estevez and dreyfuss together was comedic gold. The two of them were extremely funny from the start of the movie to the very end. Their hijinks on the other cops were pretty histarical. And there was some decent action too. there are alot of good buddy cop movies and would say this would rank as one of the greats.
February 16, 2014
Cheesyness that works for the first half of the film and the second half falls apart.
November 27, 2013
enjoyable cop/buddy movie
August 30, 2013
a funny film well directed. Richard Dreyfuss gives a joyful performance
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