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October 28, 2015
The Sting delivers exactly what its title promises: a sharply clever, witty and entertaining ride with escalating surprises until the very end. All this is complimented by its very stylized Depression-era look, inspired by the art of Norman Rockwell and music of Scott Joplin.
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October 20, 2015
George Roy Hill's remarkably rewarding ingeniously constructed motion picture that is immensely entertaining, with an exquisite intricate Academy Award winning original screenplay by David S. Ward, that throws twist after twist at us, and keeps us fascinated and glued to the screen. The film takes place in Joliet, Illinois circa 1936, It re-teams the late great Paul Newman and Robert Redford who each deliver delightfully colorful performances as Henry Gondoriff and Johnny Hooker, a pair of con artists out to swindle a ruthless Irish racketeer named Doyle Lonnegan, played by the late Robert Shaw in a bravura performance, out of $500,000 dollars as payback for the murder of Redford's mentor and partner Luther Coleman, nicely played by Robert Earl Jones, Gondoriff and Hooker assemble a small army of grifters to help in finally breaking Lonnegan for good. The great musical score by the late Marvin Hamlisch is a memorable Oscar winning adaptation of Scott Joplin's ragtime classics, that sets the mood for the film and instantly makes it come alive. The cast propels this film into lasting greatness, Newman and Redford have tremendous chemistry together and the dynamics between them is absolutely fantastic, they are one of the greatest screen acting duos of all-time. impeccable supporting performances by the late Charles Durning, Ray Walston, Eileen Brennan, Harold Gould, Dana Elcar, and Jack Kehoe. Special kudos must go to Robert Shaw for his intensely commanding performance as Lonnegan, who's simple stare is unnerving. Splendid cinematography by Robert Surtees, with fabulous art direction by Henry Burnstead, and superb costume designs by Edith Head. This exuberant film has a great wrap up scene as Gondoriff and Hooker prepare to rip-off the big-bundle from Lonnegan, in one of the most inventive schemes and the greatest double-cross ever depicted in cinematic history. Winner of 7 Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Director: George Roy Hill, Best Art Direction: Henry Burnstead, James W. Payne, Best Costume Design: Edith head, Best Film Editing: William Reynold, Best Music, Scoring Original Song Score and / or Adaption Marvin Hamlisch, Best Writing, Story and Screenplay David S. Ward. Highly Recommended.
½ October 17, 2015
It's basically about the fact that two very handsome actors, Newman and Redford, could have second careers as male models.
October 16, 2015
Watched this on 16/10/15
The Sting has a good cast, a few good twists and a rather simple plot. It lags a lot in the first half, but once it gets going, thanks to the stars, the camera work and good direction, it's a fun experience.
August 2, 2015
The Sting reunites Butch Cassidy collaborators director George Roy Hill and actors Newman and Redford to demonstrate once again how to make a terrific movie with charisma, wit, and a handful of wicked surprises.
July 16, 2015
one of my all time favorite movies still watch every so often and still love it
. if not seen yet recomened it
June 21, 2015
one of my all time favorites
June 10, 2015
The Sting is one of those rare instances where everything good about Hollywood just fell into one place at the right time. The two coolest guys of the 70s teamed up with a young screenwriter with an original idea and a director who knew a thing or two about capturing an era, and together they made one of the most synergetic films of all time. The Sting is a wholly delightful romp, with crisp '30s fashions and Scott Joplin's ragtime music setting off the '70s glamour of Robert Redford and Paul Newman as two arch-grifters pulling an elaborate con to get revenge on scowling Robert Shaw. David S. Ward made his name with this original screenplay, and managed to lure audiences in with the easy-going charm of the characters and the gentle humor of the story, all the better to hide in plain sight the seeds for one of cinema's great twist endings.
May 7, 2015
a really, really good movie with (for me) a crappy ending. Why do people like how this ends so much? It feels less like some clever twist than kind of bullshit. But hey, different strokes I guess. Robert Shaw rocks.
May 6, 2015
klasika! zakon! ovoj film ne se skoka, tuku se gleda i po nekolku pati :)
April 30, 2015
This is the greatest heist film I have ever seen. And this is one of the older movies I've seen that has used a twist ending so beautifully. This is another movie that just flys by and makes you ask for more. Robert Redford and Paul Newman's chemistry seems to never fail to be short of amazing.
April 27, 2015
Retorcieron tanto la historia que llegó un punto que se puso inverosímil y el final se arruinó por que se sospecha que va a ser así después de todos los vericuetos de la historia. Un Redford que no asimiló muy bien la idea de ser un estafador callejero y un Newman que salió perfecto para el papel. Música que jamas olvidaremos para esta entretenida historia de los 70's
April 18, 2015
Magic together with a great cast.
April 10, 2015
I personally don't understand the big hype about this one. The sets were great but the acting quality and story itself was too lacking and felt supericial, not enough tension, almost unbelievable towards the end.
March 30, 2015
Paul Newman and Robert Redford work great together. I love all the quick stares they give each other, like that's all it takes to know exactly what each other are thinking. And there are so many twists and turns in this movie. It's great. By the time it's over you'll wish there was a sequel just to see what kind of crazy scam Redford's character will pull next.
½ March 19, 2015
This is a good movie that really suffers a bit if you know how it's going to end. It's got a great cast and is light and entertaining, but it goes through some awkward plot convolutions to make it's surprise ending work, and if you know the surprise, it's kind of easy to see that some of the plot is silly and nonsensical. Still ... lots of fun.
March 13, 2015
The Sting is driven by the incredible duo of Paul Newman and Robert Redford who give strong and charming performances it is also driven by its incredibly well written story mixed up with all its plot twists, colourful characters and humour The Sting is a true cinema classic.
March 12, 2015
This is an incredible movie, from great acting to great story!!!! Acting is incredible!!!! And from beginning to end it's a joyride!!! This beat the excorcist in 1973 for best picture and director and it deserve to! I love this movie and it is so much fun we'll done, 8.6/10!!
February 13, 2015
The Sting is a very interesting movie. The cast is great, and the story is very intriguing. It's a complex plot that requires your full attention to appreciate its intricate story. The directing is very good and the film's final few moments are unpredictable and excellently crafted. It's a very well made film with a solid plot and a good cast. For me though, it isn't perfect. There are momens where the pacing slows to a crawl, and it sometimes tries to get too intricate and complicated. But overall it's a really well made great movie, even if it isn't very rewatchable. The Sting gets 4/5 stars (B+).
February 1, 2015
two thumbs is funny !!!
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