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November 14, 2008
There's an inevitable staginess to Tennessee Williams' devastating portrait of delusion and cruelty, but director Elia Kazan catches the squalid, claustrophobic atmosphere of a New Orleans tenement just right.
November 4, 2007
November 1, 2007
Tennessee Williams's classic play provided Leigh with her second most famous role (after Scarlett O'Hara, natch), and serves as a reminder of the young Brando's brilliance and dynamism.
June 28, 2007
A Streetcar Named Desire features some of the finest ensemble acting ever offered on the screen, speaking some Williams's most vivid dialogue.
June 28, 2007
...if the hothouse style was ever justified, this is the occasion.
January 27, 2007
The classic adaptation of the Tennessee Williams play, featuring one of Marlon Brando's legendary performances.
June 15, 2006
That melancholy we feel as it closes is a mourning for me that I'll never be able to see this film again for the first time--and that I'll never be able to appreciate any film that came before it without the stain of it in my perception.
May 26, 2006
Brando pulls off astonishing things as Stanley Kowalski, and Vivien Leigh gives a performance that must have taken everything she had as Blanche DuBois.
May 5, 2006
Brando's performance is probably the most influential in movie history for the way its raw naturalism smolders amid the stiff theatricality that surrounds him.
April 27, 2006
Brando is all mumbling naturalism and animal magnetism; Leigh is all preening, affected, theatrical mannerisms. The differences make a startling contrast.
April 10, 2006
This is a film about passion, and the movie positively oozes it.
February 9, 2006
...Kazan achieves a sort of theatrical intensity in which the sweaty realism sometimes clashes awkwardly with the stylisation that heightens the dialogue into a kind of poetry.
September 28, 2005
With The Glass Menagerie, one of the best Tennesee Williams film adaptations.
December 10, 2004
November 4, 2004
August 4, 2004
July 14, 2004
Lacks the poignancy you could almost swear was a given, considering it was adapted from an acclaimed Tennesse Williams play.
June 25, 2004
Outstanding reading of a great story. Brando at his best.
June 8, 2004
April 16, 2004
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