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Fictional Mexican Cities

Afraid your stereotype-laden comedy might offend the more sensitive natives of Mexico? Simply take liberties and make up a new town!

1986's Three Amigos is set in the fabled land of Santo Paco, the townspeople are terrorized by a bandit named El Guapo until they call upon three washed-up actors (Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Martin Short) whom they believe to be real gunslingers. And the three actors arrive in Santo Poco under the impression Santo Poco's plea for help is actually a plot outline for a new movie. For the three lead actors, comedies rarely topped this fun flick.

Larry the Cable Guy takes his sophisticated comedy internationally in Delta Farce, playing an army reservists en route to Iraq but inadvertently gets dropped in the peasant village of La Miranda. Leaning on both Middle Eastern and Latin American ethnic jokes, it's two comedy bits for the price of one!