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I corpi presentano tracce di violenza carnale (Torso) (Bodies Bear Traces of Carnal Violence) Reviews

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July 3, 2017
El padre de todos los slashers
March 2, 2017
If there's any sort of story to follow here, I sure can't find it.
½ July 27, 2016
torso is my favorite giallo. it has everything from nudity to a good ending.
April 9, 2016
Another one of my favourite Giallo films which I'd definitely recommend to anyone wanting to check out the sub-genre.
½ February 1, 2016
A prime example of perfectly acceptable giallo, Sergio Martino's "Torso" is a very strange, often inexplicable, bloody and, in its glorious final twenty minutes, quite frightening.
½ August 28, 2015
What a fantastic giallo! How have I not seen this until now...? Great music, killer and cinematography.
June 4, 2015
Typical Giallo stuff that follows all the expected gory and convoluted beats. Top tier of the lowest grade.
December 31, 2014
A great little giallo flick that hooks in you from the opening shot. Enough sleaze and gore to please even the most hardened horror fiends
Super Reviewer
September 30, 2014
One of the very first gialli. Torso is a delicate murder mystery about a group of college students being hunted down by a serial killer who leaves a striped scarf at the scene of his crime. The twist here is that there are many suspects and the killer was the least unlikely suspect with a miserable motive. I particularly liked the tracking shots through the killer's point of view, but I must say the special effect was laughable, didn't really gave me much scares. The acting was average for horror films, to be quite honest, it wasn't too difficult to guess who the killer was. Torso set up the standard for the future horror films, it is a must watch for fans of this genre.
May 10, 2014
33 % while "Paranormal Activity" sits at 83 % percent - nothing unusual going on here.
½ April 11, 2014
not bad. It's like a sleazy giallo film that also happens to be a predecessor to modern slasher films. But when I say it's sleazy I mean it. It's a 70s movie after all, so nudity is like a legal requirement.
March 10, 2014
Basically when you talk about giallos(bloody, stylish, Italian made murder/mysteries) three names usually come to mind: Argento, sometimes Fulci, and Mario Bava, all the others mostly are crap. While Torso is fortunate because it wasn't directed by any of those mentioned above and for the most part it isn't crap it is nothing to get overly excited about. The murder in the swamp and a scene involving a key were good but there are many mistakes the movie made: the acting could have been better and the story is horrible. The version I saw even had the unfortunate editing mistake of putting the best murder scene during the opening credits.
½ September 9, 2013
Italian sexploitation horror which barely registers in the terror stakes. Taken simply as a piece of 70s trash it is cheaply entertaining.
February 28, 2013
Really cool giallo, especially the last part with all those camera frames and a good suspense.
January 30, 2013
If you can take the first hour; the last 30 minutes make it all worthwhile! I feel its a shame the first part of the film wasn't a little shorter (or more interesting) and then this film could have been incredible! Based on Sergio's competence as a director from the latter moments of the film, he really showcased how well he can create tense and atmospheric moments! For horror enthusiasts it's worth the watch!
November 3, 2012
Pretty good italian horror...
October 12, 2012
Pretty descent Italian Horror.
October 9, 2012
Picks up steam as it goes Giallo film with one too many false starts gets good towards the end.
September 2, 2012
Not the best of the "Giallo" genre.
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