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December 20, 2017
I was inspired to watch this following years of watching Tony Hancock's impromptu Robert Newton impressions. It's a colourful Disney romp but it gets a little tedious in the second half. Newton is fantastic!
½ July 9, 2017
This is a movie I have a very basic and deep-seated love for. I'm not going to claim that it's one of the best films ever made, but it's one of the best of it's kind, and it's one of my all time favourite films to watch. It's from a period where Disney really excelled at making live action adventure film for children, and one of their hallmarks is that they didn't pitch the film at children. They chose material that was well-suited for children, and just adapted it in a fairly straightforward manner. As a result, a film like this has the appropriate grime and menace and never feels dumbed down. Robert Newton's portrayal of Long John Silver is so iconic it casts a long shadow over every portrayal of a pirate on film since. It's a very mannered and big performance, but he never fails to capture the subtle nuances necessary to essentially carry the film. Director Byron Haskin was a genre craftsman who helmed a lot of really fundamentally good genre films. This is one of his best pieces of work.
June 26, 2017
I enjoyed the 1990 television adaptation with Christian Bale much better, but still a decent pirate movie with a nice, clean, short running time.
April 13, 2016
One the first Disney films without animation.
½ March 6, 2016
Family fare from Disney that I recall fondly from my youth and have now had a chance to watch with my two sons (aged 6 and 3). I've not read the Robert Louis Stevenson novel but its adventures would seem to be made for the screen. Young Jim Hawkins receives a map to the titular island from dying Captain Billy Bones and turns it over to Squire Trelawney who funds a voyage. However, he relies on ship's cook, Long John Silver, to hire the crew. Robert Newton owns the role with his pirate's brogue (and some argue that he is the originator of all that "arrr, matey!" talk you can't resist). Silver is a very ambiguous character. On the one hand, he is a notorious pirate and might be quick to slit a throat, especially amongst his own men, if they be getting out of line (see, it can't be helped). On the other hand, he seems to have a soft spot for Jim Hawkins (with whom we identify), even saving his life once or twice. Of course, things are generally pretty tame, though vigorous at times. The kids couldn't quite hold on to the plot, which advances through talk that was over their heads (and laced with new pirate words) but I explained things and the older one was glued to the screen (though worried at times for our hero). Enjoyable if you accept it for what it is.
February 26, 2016
Treasure Island is a classic film. It's a simple movie that doesn't stray too far from the book. Robert Newton does a great job as Long John Silver, the pirate you love to hate, even if the rest of the cast is mostly bland. It's worth a watch.
½ January 19, 2016
skip this and see the MGM version
May 31, 2015
shows its age, but a film that captures the feel of the book without much deviation from the novel: if any. A must for any pirate fan.
July 24, 2014
this is a nearly perfect telling of this story. Script, cast, music, cinematography, EVERYTHING is so good.
March 27, 2014
A classic adventure film that I am sure will appeal to most members in the family in some way.

Filled with great adventure & many scenes tricky to understand due to many speaking so called 'pirate'. Simply the story of the adventure of lost treasure & the mutinous pirates lead by Long John Silver who cause chaos.

This film is cheesy & rather dated but is fun & entertaining & you just got to go with it. It's the good old fashioned story telling that kids miss out on today..
February 21, 2014
Watched this movie in 10th Grade in Mrs. Cone's Class. An absolute delight.
January 20, 2014
Still Disney's best pirate movie.
½ December 28, 2013
"Ye come seekin' adventure and salty ol' pirates, eh? Sure ye come to the proper place." Disney's first pure live action film is still a real treasure. The movie captures the spirit of the classic story and Robert Newton gives a legendary and influential performance as the scoundrel Long John Silver. (First viewing - In my early twenties)
August 7, 2013
Ahh, the classics! What a movie. The action, the dialogue, the acting, the scenery--all wonderful. Young boy Hawkins finds a treasure map on an old dead pirate. A doctor and an old Captain agree to help Hawkins find the treasure map. But first they need a crew. They find Long John Silver, a retired pirate, now running his own tavern. Long John Silver gets his old crew together to set off on this adventure. But Long John Silver has other plans for the treasure. But can he betray young Hawkins, whom he has taken a liking to?
June 13, 2013
Absolutely wonderful work by Disney.
May 20, 2013
Saw it as a kid and loved it!
½ April 24, 2013
Just watched this for the umpteenth time last night. Very exciting and colorful rendition of a great book. Although Robert Newton ends up looking like Keith Moon's father, his performance is so good that you really root for the villain.
½ April 15, 2013
Robert Newton gives a terrific performance as Long John Silver. There are some great set pieces and the colour photography is beautiful to look at, but I found the film a tad dull overall. It's a shame, because it's one of the greatest adventure tales ever written. I don't think any film production has ever really done the book proper justice.
March 21, 2013
Remember when Disney used to have entertaining products that you could watch as a kid and adult on a Saturday? Robert Newton made a great Long John Silver.
March 11, 2013
Great adventure film.
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