Village of the Damned


Village of the Damned

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Chilling performances and a restrained, eerie atmosphere make this British horror both an unnerving parable of its era and a timeless classic.



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In this film, a supernatural force causes residents of a small British town to fall asleep. They wake up to find every woman of childbearing age is pregnant. The offspring turn out to be telepathic, blonde-haired beings with superior intellect and a variety of unexplained powers.

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George Sanders
as Gordon Zellaby
Barbara Shelley
as Anthea Zellaby
Michael Gwynn
as Alan Bernard
Laurence Naismith
as Doctor Willers
John Phillips
as Gen. Leighton
Richard Vernon
as Sir Edgar Hargraves
Rick Warner
as Mr. Harrington
Jenny Laird
as Mrs. Harrington
Richard Warner
as Mr. Harrington
Thomas Heathcote
as James Pawle
Martin Stephens
as David Zellaby
Charlotte Mitchell
as Janet Pawle
Susan Richards
as Mrs. Plumpton
John Stuart
as Mr. Smith
Sarah Long
as Evelyn Harrington
Keith Pyott
as Dr. Carlisle
Peter Vaughan
as Police Constable Gobbey
Robert Marks
as Paul Norman
Billy Lawrence
as John Bush
Diane Aubrey
as W.R.A.C. Secretary
John Kelly
as The Children
Brian Smith
as The Village Children
Paul Norman (II)
as The Village Children
John Bush
as The Village Children
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Critic Reviews for Village of the Damned

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Audience Reviews for Village of the Damned

  • Jan 20, 2012
    Interesting concept, but spends too much time on the exposition and not nearly enough time building tension.
    Liz < Super Reviewer
  • Oct 25, 2011
    Overall I wasn't very impressed though there are good parts. The last few minutes is really the best part.
    Graham J Super Reviewer
  • Oct 02, 2011
    Village of the Damned is an effective and creepy horror film that delivers effective chills. The film uses effective elements to build the horror. The film takes time to deliver its terror, and the buildup is slow, steady and it adds an eerie atmosphere to the film. The story is an effective horror tale which really does creep you out. The acting is terrific, and the story itself is well crafted to induce shock and dread into its viewer. For horror fans that are looking for a film with atmosphere, effective chills mixed with great acting, Village of the Damned is the film that you should see. This Sci Fi horror film is a classic of the genre, and still has the power to scare. The actors playing the kids are intense in their performances, and they deliver on-screen. Overall this is one of the most solid classic horror films of the 1960's. The pacing of the film is perfect for the unfolding horror halfway through the film. The films pacing is the key for the horror to work well. Mix that with the eerie atmosphere, and you have a memorable horror film. The actors that play the children are terrific, especially the actor who plays the leader, David. Martin Stephens is excellent as David and he brings such menace to the role. If you enjoy effective, chilling horror; Village of the Damned is the film to watch. A very eerie atmosphere and a great steady buildup make this an excellent unforgettable film that horror fans will love.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Jul 30, 2011
    Underappreciated. Village of the Damned is easily among the best classic sci-fi thrillers, add to that perhaps the first feature to include the controversial questioning of whether if someone would be capable of killing children if put in the situations of the characters. What makes this even scarier is that we are left with unclear doubts about the origins of this complex evil. This masterpiece has an opening sequence definitely ahead of its time. 98/100
    Edgar C Super Reviewer

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