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December 25, 2015
This was a nice Christmas film . Good stuff .
½ December 24, 2015
Probably the worst movie of its genre.
December 24, 2015
Okay, but only really memorable for its title song and final scene.

Two former WW2 comrades, Bob Wallace (played by Bing Crosby) and Phil Davies (Danny Kaye), form a song-and-dance duo after the war. The meet a sister duo, Betty and Judy Haynes (Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen respectively) and romance blossoms. In courting the girls they go to Vermont, and discover that the hotel they're staying at is owned by their former division commander, Major General Waverley (Dean Jagger). They decide to throw a Christmas show for the General...

Quite disappointing, even if watched at Christmas (as I did). I'm not into musicals, generally, and this doesn't ever rise above average as far as the music goes. Most of the songs just feel shoehorned into the movie, ending up with some pretty lame lyrics and scenes.

The romance sub-plots felt trite and predictable.

On the plus side, the performances are pretty solid. Best of all, the final few scenes are quite emotional, and are what make it a decent Christmas movie. The title song is great too.
December 19, 2015
Too long and slightly boring, but it's not too bad.
December 19, 2015
I am still dreaming of a White Christmas.
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½ December 12, 2015
It's not without some charm or fun musical numbers but I've never been able to get past how much of film shamelessly uses cheap sentiment to sell it's already corny plot.
½ December 8, 2015
Enjoyable seasonal offering, and a strong sound stage musical. The songs are not too forthcoming, but the story is strong enough to keep this moving along well.
December 2, 2015
A timeless classic and the kids loved it
November 30, 2015
I did not watch this by choice. My wife chose it for us. I'm not even sure how it counts as a Christmas movie, considering only about 10 minutes of it actually takes place, or involves, Christmas.
I did not like this. It's not my kind of thing at all. People busting out into song at random points of the movie just annoys me. Especially that godawful sisters song that they made us hear 3 friggin' times. I've had it stuck in my head ever since. Not cool.
Some of the banter was pretty good, but that's about it.
This is a 2 star movie for me, but if you're into musicals, I'd bump it up to 3 stars.
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½ March 11, 2015
A Christmas tradition I was never privy to. I'm glad I saw it once, but this very old-fashioned family musical is not likely to become a new Christmas tradition for me. Flashback to WWII with Crosby and Kaye entertaining the troops. They truly respect their Major General (Jagger) and are sad for the management to change. Kaye's Private Phil Davis guilts Crosby's Captain Bob Wallace into becoming showbiz partners when the war is over. Years later, in the present, through a funny series of events, they end up dating the Haynes sisters and vacationing in Vermont where the men's old army boss is struggling to keep his lodge in business. Cue producing a big song and dance show to attract customers and save the day. Clooney as Betty spars with Crosby as Bob. Vera-Ellen as Judy falls for Kaye as Phil. Vera-Ellen never became a big celebrity, but is stunning in her dancing ability. The best part is that all four engage in fast, witty conversation because the musical breaks do just that, break the movement of the plot, which isn't riveting.
½ January 10, 2015
A fun little Christmas romp.
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December 31, 2014
One of the better known Christmas films, "White Christmas" is a huge scale musical that has little to do with Christmas. There's the eponymous song, which is featured twice in the film, but otherwise all the musical numbers have nothing to do with Christmas. This is more of a Technicolor musical than it is a Christmas movie. The plot revolves around two former GIs (Crosby and Kaye) who work together as an act, putting on huge Broadway shows. They come upon an inn that's headed by their former general, which hasn't seen many people because there isn't any snow, sad since it's close to Christmas. The rest of the film features musical numbers from their famous two man show, which have nothing to do with Christmas. There's also two sisters (Clooney and Vera-Ellen), who help the GIs during the show. The film is complicated by the GIs' romance with the sisters, which of course lends to misunderstandings, like in any good musical. The numbers are impressively huge, but they are strange as this era in Hollywood's history consisted of films influenced by large set pieces and huge ensembles, and less with coherent songwriting. While this is still a valid film to watch at Christmastime, I would recommend "Holiday Inn" as a better option, which was the direct inspiration for this film.
December 31, 2014
The biggest dupe of all time? The most non Christmassy Christmas film purporting to be a Christmas film! Well the last 5 minutes are Christmassy! However what you do have are these wonderful artistes at the top of their game and some of the most stunning and beautiful movie sets ever to be seen. Enchanting, despite its lack of you know what.
December 30, 2014
A wonderful holiday classic.
December 27, 2014
Ganz lustig, aber schon auch langatmig (die Tanzszenen habe ich oft geskipped). (Dezember 2014)
½ December 23, 2014
A christmas classic.
½ December 23, 2014
Very good Christmas movie!
December 22, 2014
Good movie even though the only Christmas song they sing is white Christmas and that's it
December 22, 2014
I love this film!!!! A classic!!!!
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