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December 15, 2014
One fun watch and the duo at the top of their game.
½ February 7, 2014
This was amusing. Fast paced, and even self referencing, I enjoyed this one, though it wasn't my favorite A&C.
May 7, 2013
One of my favorite and probably one of their best of their comedy mystery films. Hilarious gags, and mayhem. The Dynamic Duo have done it again.
½ February 18, 2013
A quite shocking radio show--Murder At Midnight!!
June 7, 2012
Another of my favorites. The comedy is outstanding. Patric Knowles did a great job playing the straight man. Totally FUN...
November 25, 2011
Ranks on my Top 5 of Abbot and Costello movies. One of the best and id recommend this to any new fans of this duo.
March 27, 2011
Hilarious! Reminds me of my childhood! There's something wrong now a days because of the fact that parents don't grow their children up on movies like this! Love it!
March 14, 2010
One of my favorite Abbott & Costello films. Watching it again for probably the 20th time! The first scene with A&C still cracks me up! I love that these movies are over 60 years old and you can watch them with the entire family and get laughs every time. Greatest comedy team ever!
December 4, 2009
I love this film. It's one of my favorite Abbot and Costello films. A fun, clever Film Noir comedy. Love it.
½ August 30, 2009
Along with A&C Meet Frankenstein, this is the best of the Abbott and Costello films. Holds up so well after all these years and us just as funny as the first time I saw it.
July 26, 2009
An Average A& C Film this time they take on spy's in a radio station.
July 5, 2009
I have the collection of these two and I watch them often
June 28, 2009
My favorite Abbott and Costello movie.
½ February 6, 2009
A nice little mystery foray for Abbott and Costello. A legitimately decent mystery with tons of comedy the duo.
½ November 22, 2008
First A&C I ever saw and it sold me on them for the rest of my life. Great fun! Oh, for the old days!
November 7, 2008
Plenty of dark humour and good fun. Everything in this film just seems to click and it establishes the standards that their later horror mashups would follow even better than Hold That Ghost. It has some nice creepy cinematography when needed, the boys intro as soda jerks is a riot and it is just too perfect to hear their reactions to "themselves" on the radio. Good stuff!
October 23, 2008
One of the first "old" movies I remember seeing as a kid. I still love to watch it!
August 24, 2008
Very funny Abbott and Costello. Good chemistry, good comedy. A lot of slap-stick, a lot of quick wit. A murder and mayhem, impersonating police officers. They don't make em like this anymore!
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August 24, 2008
A cute film with the classic duo. The comedy in this film can go from slapstick to absurd. It had one or two good scenes. It was a nice watch.
½ June 24, 2008
One of their best. A tribute to radio shows too and heir own origins...and it's hilarious.
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