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August 12, 2015
A charming little tale of an incredibly dislike able heroine Barbara played by the immortal British Screen Actor Margaret Lockwood.

Basically the epitome of sin one of the screen most wicked & deceitful characters a unique stray from the role's she usually played.

The acts of Barbara are interesting but it's you desire to see whats coming to her is the main draw. Supported wonderfully by James Mason who is as much of a devil as she is.
½ September 30, 2013
July 13, 2013
This woman is a stone-cold bitch.
½ February 6, 2012
Holy Melodrama Batman
December 9, 2011
I've watched this film many times, James Mason is ever so dashing, Ralph is insipid, Barbara is a right cow but the only thing I can really pick on is that it's not in colour. The acting isn't all that great, but for the time it did marvellous things for the UK in a trying time.
April 27, 2010
Haven't seen the film yet...
January 29, 2010
forced to watch it for my class
December 15, 2009
Lady Margaret is deliciously evil, stealing her sister's husband and then becoming a highwaywoman and robbing travellers in the local woods. It's all camp high drama, boots, horses and pistols. James Mason is marvellous as the highwayman who steals Lady Margaret's heart. Highly recommended, and much more fun than the dull remake with Faye Dunaway.
½ September 17, 2009
I am a James Mason fan, and view him as highly under-rated for his career works, but until today had not seen this earlier film of his made in England before he moved to Hollywood and began making films in the U.S. This story of a very "wicked lady" (Margaret Lockwood) who gets all the men, the jewels and also steals the heart of the outlaw and scallywag the "highwayman" who robs people by gunpoint under the moon and the stars, is filled with intrigue and was over-all just great fun.
March 27, 2009
An entertaining 'romp'. Margaret Lockwood is excellent in the title role, which was supposedly quite controversial back in its day. The plot and setting reminded me a lot of an ep of Blackadder series 3 (Amy and Amiability), so I'm pretty sure they had this film in mind.
March 6, 2009
One of Margaret Lockwood's finest rolls.
February 14, 2009
love this film, watch it every time its on. Never get bored with it.
August 8, 2008
Shockibg and daring in its day, this now seem dated yet quite charming. Lockwood revels in the bad girl role and excells herself. I love it!
July 31, 2008
Just sat and watched this film for the 100th time...I love it. James Mason is pure class in it..and I love the whole love story going on. I'd have loved it if this was shown in colour, I bet the costumes were gorgeous.
It was after watching this film I fell head over heals for James Mason, the looks and that voice... Another good one was The Flying Dutchman.
½ July 28, 2008
A fun highwayman movie, full of deceit and deception and a bit of romance thrown in as well.
½ July 6, 2008
WAY too Melodramatic. If you're looking for an afternoon filler, and fancy something straight out of the pages of a Mills and Boone Novel, look no further.
That being said, for what it is, its enjoyable to watch.
Thank god for Film 4! (that's sarcasm btw)
½ December 29, 2007
Margaret Lockwood - one of the most beautiful women EVER - and James Mason (the Voice) make a excellent combination in this classic.
December 18, 2007
Great film. They don't make them like this anymore....
November 25, 2007
They dont make 'em like this anymore!
November 15, 2007
Great story how evil can one person be?
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