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June 29, 2015
In spite of obvious scenes of boy and growing deer running against a rosy skyline, the relationship is handled with tenderness and taste.
July 4, 2013
The internal and external loyalties and relationships that pull and push young Jody provide the story with its powerful conflicts.
December 29, 2010
Thoughtful adaptation of the prize-winning novel.
June 20, 2009
A heart-warming 19th-century family drama about surviving in the Florida wilderness.
March 30, 2008
Family classic, beautifully realized, involving a pet deer.
January 30, 2007
Along with Lassie Come Home, this is one of MGM's classic family-animal melodramas, based on Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings' novel, beautifully acted by Gregory Peck, Jane Wyman and Claude Jarman Jr.(in his debut), with strong production values (in color).
March 10, 2006
Classy family classic of the old school.
March 16, 2005
January 12, 2005
A forever young, forever fresh family film. One of the best.
June 4, 2004
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