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½ April 25, 2015
adapted from the Dumas classic but veers off in its own direction.
½ November 28, 2012
I'm watching episode 6 right now.
Beyond the fact that the costumes look like table clothes,the acting is terrible(even a die hard John Wayne lover is hard pressed to endorse this one), What stands out is the blatant stereotyping and demeaning manor in which the Arab people and their culture is presented.

Yes, I know...the movie is a product of the 1930's and reflects the thinking of that time.
I do wonder how many young movie goes left the theaters with their thinking influenced by the writers who depicted the Arabs as sneaky, subservient and evil.

But if you like to watch old movies that are so bad they are good, then this one is for you.
June 10, 2010
The Three Musketeers updated and put in the French Foreign Legion where with Lt. TOM Wayne (John Wayne) as their D'artanon they battle the mysterious Arab El Shaitan (Satan!) and his gun runners. Shot as a serial back in 1933, this also includes a young Noah Berry Jr. and Lon Chaney Jr. A little slow at times and certainly dated in sound and picture quality, its still fun to see Wayne and the others in this very early parts. The almost 4 hour running time is a bit much to swallow, though there are plenty of chance to fast forward as each new episode contains plenty of rerun "when we last left our intrepid heroes..." footage.
May 27, 2010
As this is ONLY One Chapter of a serial film, it was no fun. Where is the rest !?!?!??!
March 11, 2009
Outstanding movie John Wayne is my family favorite actor
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