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September 24, 2012
A slow film that fails to take off
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May 5, 2012
Morale boosting little gem that flies under the radar (pun intended) of most combat connoisseurs. Gotta love Don Ameche!
½ December 16, 2011
Above average ww2 film with footage from the real war. Cheap but effective since i think old time blue screen is just charming.
March 10, 2011
This is a very heartfelt film that I know all of you will enjoy.
½ November 27, 2010
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½ October 17, 2010
I found this movie boring, boring, and boring, but if you like war movies, maybe you'll have a higher opinion of all the flying scenes. I only rated it higher because of the good actors.
June 4, 2010
good WWII film-my favorites made DURING WWII
February 28, 2010
A slow film that fails to take off
½ December 5, 2005
Gung ho war propoganda, better than most films of this type. The score gets a little much at times. This is an interesting piece of history. The cast is great: Don Ameche, Dana Andrews and the very young Richard jaeckel and Harry Morgan.
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