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November 25, 2012
A touching little drama. One of River Pheonix's last pictures.
½ November 9, 2012
What drew me to Dogfight the most is the surprisingly heartfelt and tender tones that the film produces, accredited in part to both River Phoenix and Lili Taylor.
October 26, 2012
I saw this movie as an 18 year old. I fell in love with it, and I have never grown out of it. Maybe I am emotionally stunted. :)
October 16, 2012
beautiful romantic story, with out corny one liners that you would usally find in a love story
½ September 27, 2012
I was hoping to give this four stars, but the superficial, typical way in which the sixties were portrayed in the latter half of the film was disappointing. The war sequence was also tacky. But it's worth the watch if only for the beautiful chemistry created by River Phoenix and Lili Taylor, who both shine radiantly in their roles. It was also just really funny, and immensely enjoyable.
September 26, 2012
Sad and moving romance that I actually liked.
July 25, 2012
Absolutely amazing. Beautiful movie, beautiful piece of art, and I look forward to every time I get to sit down and watch it. A love movie up there with the likes of the Notebook and the Titanic. "Abso-fucking-loutely", as Eddie Birdlace says, amazing.
May 14, 2012
It's heartbreaking to see this film now that I am more familiar with River Phoenix's work. The character he plays is young and immature and trying so hard to appear tough. River brings a tenderness to the jackass marine we first encounter as Birdlace, so much so that we are able to empathize with his character even after the cruel way he uses Rose. The healing power of truly connecting with someone else is evident in the memorable evening Birdlace spends with the sweet and kind Rose, who doesn't appear like much at first glance but as the movie progresses it becomes clear how wonderful she is.
April 30, 2012
a small, quiet love story of sorts that takes place in the temporal/political outskirts of the vietnam conflict with understated but endearing performances. third or fourth viewing this time and i feel like i'm finally awake to appreciate all of the details and honor its narrative claim.
½ April 7, 2012
didn't care for the ending too much... like what about his friends? and is he home for good... no real closure... but overall was good...
March 8, 2012
I haven't seen a female cast this god damned ugly since 'Pink Flamingos.' John Waters would be proud. Of course, that's part of the films charm - it's rare we get to see the ugly girl get the guy, or vice versa.

And just for the record - Ruth Two Bears should have won.
January 21, 2012
It's good. Watch it.
January 11, 2012
This was actually a sweet little love story. I was pleasantly surprised, by how much I enjoyed it. It showed the "promise" of the wonderful actor, that River Phoenix would become, and how great he already was.
½ December 30, 2011
didn't care for the ending too much... like what about his friends? and is he home for good... no real closure... but overall was good...
½ December 29, 2011
Phoenix and Taylor are always Aces, and Brendan Fraser's screen debut.
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½ December 28, 2011
Dogfight is cruel, poignant, and yet played out. This is one of the more unique period pieces, an independent film made right at the peak of River Phoenix's fame and only several years before his subsequent death. The story is one that makes little sense in the way of meaning. The span of time is the early sixties, right as the folk scene was starting to gain momentum and the Vietnam War was turning from a conflict to a full scale war. Most of the plot relies heavily on the setting to compliment the storyline. Though this is supposed to be about what beauty really means I didn't see much in the way of Birdlace's (Phoenix) change in demeanor or values, only selfish behavior. Though he takes advantage of Rose (Lili Taylor) and you can tell he feels bad about it before going through with the demeaning act itself, he still demonizes himself by taking her in the first place and not standing up for her directly. He even lies to her while trying to apologize for the cruel way he treated her. The character is a severe detraction from what Marines were. It's not that his portrayal was unrealistic of what wartime soldiers were like, but the script undersells their intelligence at every turn and instead tries to sell us on brotherhood, and an entire side storyline about the folk music scene. Rose is a simplistic clod of a girl, who isn't unattractive, and shouldn't fall for his line of bullshit. Though the film is about changing yourself through acceptance and tolerance, Rose shouldn't have let him try to change himself by using her, and he sure shouldn't have started things with her the night before he was being shipped out. I accept many of these faults because the romance was actually quite sweet. It shouldn't have happened in the first place, but the endearing performance from Phoenix pushed me into liking this despite everything. This is a great performance for him, and Taylor who would go on to make the horrid version of The Haunting. Though this film drags (which is odd since it comes in at an hour and a half) it does plant the idea that what you're led to believe isn't always what's right, and any movie that promotes equality and understanding, no matter how clumsy a way they go about it, gets some kudos from me.
½ November 1, 2011
River Phoenix! I never saw the first part of this.
½ October 5, 2011
There's somethiing about this movie that I like....
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October 2, 2011
A touching little gem of a piece as a new couple enjoy a night on the town before he ships overseas to be an advisor in Vietnam. Phoenix and Taylor are amazing. I'd never heard of it before! Did I give it 3 stars? Shoulda been 4.
September 24, 2011
Love this movie, especially River and Richard Panebianco
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