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½ August 18, 2017
Interesting mystery film directed and performed very well. All in all very good and I can find nothing to complain about about the execution. Only the story is not that good and therefore the movie is something you watch very happily but don't necessarily think much afterwards.
½ April 14, 2017
An homage to Sunset Boulevard that borders on straight imitation, but Fedora is still exceptional in every way.
Super Reviewer
October 9, 2015
Wants to say something about illusion and the foolishness of the pursuit of youth but comes across as unfocused. Not dreadful but far from top flight Wilder.
September 24, 2015
Not near as good as Sunset Blvd.
February 20, 2015
Interesting reworking of some of the elements to Sunset Boulevard. There's some good stuff here, but also some tedious sequences that needed shortened or excised completely. Marthe Keller gives a pretty interesting performance.
½ December 9, 2014
Defiantly and proudly old-fashioned both in style and content, weaving an (intentionally) campy melodrama about the mysterious suicide of a faded movie queen into a spellbinding meditation on cinema and the price of manufactured illusions.
February 16, 2013
An independent film director goes to an island off Greece to persuade a big retired star to make her return in his new picture. However, once there he realises it's extremely hard to get to talk to her, and becomes entangled in a mysterious story of obsession, the likes filmmaker Billy Wilder had already explored with Sunset Boulevard. Here, the film is too definely split into two parts, and the ending seems unnaturally long. Furthermore, though it is good to see a Wilder and Holden reunion, the script is not as good as their previous collaboration, and feels out of time and place.
June 30, 2012
not quite the usual tra-la-la light-hearted billy wilder, but engaging nonetheless. full of double meanings and rather a tragic lil tale.
November 17, 2010
I'm glad I saw this and I enjoyed it. I took it to be a slap in the face of what movies have become compared to what the were. The one real complaint I would have is that a lot of Miklos Rozsa's powerful music score didn't make it into the final print or was altered. Other than that, this movie was pretty good, but nothing great.
June 20, 2010
Der bis jetzt schwächste Film von Billy Wilder den ich gesehen habe. Die erste Stunde mag der Film nicht richtig in Schwung kommen und so viel besser wird es die zweiten 60 Minuten auch nicht. Immerhin ist die Geschichte relativ vernünftig, es gibt die ein oder andere Überraschung zu sehen und ein paar Gastauftritte versüßen das Ganze auch noch, an die großen Klassiker Wilders kommt "Fedora" allerdings zu keinem Zeitpunkt heran.
knappe 3/5
½ March 15, 2010
Billy Wilder's earlier film Sunset Blvd is a much better story of aging actresses who once captivated the world. However, that inevitable comparison aside, this film is uneven. It spends too much of its time in unwieldy back story that should have found another way to be told. Instead it all felt very anticlimactic and poorly handled. Marthe Keller's performance is also very disappointing and never really seems to connect to the story. But perhaps that's the point - Fedora is never terribly connected to her surroundings. It's a nice attempt at a good story but overall it falls a bit flat.
January 4, 2010
Directed by Billy Wilder
½ July 2, 2009
i'd heard the story before i saw the film... the narration was far more exciting i have to admit !!
October 20, 2008
Con un eccelsa Marthe Keller: strepitosa la sequenza da Hollywood classica con Dutch che conosce Fedora. Seconda parte spiegonica, quasi da fantascienza anni '60.
July 3, 2008
I thought at first it was really "Sunset Boulevard Part II," in color and set in Greece (opens with death, William Holden's voice over, flashbacks) but then it diverged to be a pretty strange little film. Saw a faded 16mm print, but it looks like it was probably rather lovely at one point, cinematically speaking.
½ May 11, 2008
I knew the story before I saw the film... so there was not much suspense. I do not think there would be anyway. I didn't like it.
April 13, 2008
Somehow seemed better from the perspective of a seven year old..I was fascinated by the story.
½ March 1, 2008
How did Billy Wilder and IAL Diamond manage to make a film starring William Holden that ended up being so dull and boring? you might ask. The answer is because when he made films in the 70's, he was allowed to throw in things that don't belong in his films.
September 19, 2007
billy wilder: il dio del cinema
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