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JFK Quotes

  • Sen. Russell Long: One pristine bullet? That dog don't hunt.

  • Jim Garrison: I Don't Have Much Of A Case.
    Jim Garrison: I don't have much of a case.

  • Jim Garrison: Is That Why?
    Jim Garrison: Is that why?

  • Jim Garrison: Who Killed The President?
    Jim Garrison: Who killed the president?

  • X: ''He Must Die.''
    X: He must die.

  • Jim Garrison: It May Become A Generational Affair.
    Jim Garrison: They might even push it back then, hell it may become a generational affair.

  • Jim Garrison: Fascism!

  • Jim Garrison: What Are Our Lives Worth?
    Jim Garrison: What are our lives worth?

  • Jim Garrison: But Use Your Eyes, Your Common Sense.
    Jim Garrison: But use your eyes, your common sense.

  • Willie O'Keefe: People Got To Know, Why He Wall Killed.
    Willie O'Keefe: People got to know, why he was killed.

  • Jim Garrison: Who Grieves For Lee Harvery Oswald?
    Jim Garrison: Who grieves for Lee Harvey Oswald?

  • Jack Ruby: Oswald!

  • Jim Garrison: ''Let Justice Be Done Through The Heavens Fall.''
    Jim Garrison: Let justice be done though the heavens fall.

  • Jim Garrison: ''One May Smile And Smile And Be A Villain.''
    Jim Garrison: One May Smile And Smile And Be A Villain.
    Jim Garrison: One may smile and smile and be a villain.

  • Jim Garrison: I'm sorry this has to end inconveniently for you, David. But I'm gonna have to detain you for further questioning by the FBI
    David Ferrie: Why?
    Irvin F Dymond: I find your story simply not believable.
    David Ferrie: Really? What part?

  • Jim Garrison: Maybe Oswald's exactly what he said he was: A patsy.
    Jim Garrison: Maybe Oswald's exactly what he said he was: a patsy.

  • Clay Shaw: I believe I shall go home and make some etouffee.

  • Jim Garrison: Were you a contract agent for the CIA?
    Clay Shaw: And if I were do you think I would be sitting here today talking to someone like you?

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