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In this darkly funny horror movie, gore and severed limbs abound. It is the story of a young medical genius doing genetic research into regrowing organs. His work is based upon that of his father, a renowned geneticist who was murdered. Before he can continue, he needs a fresher supply of cadavers and his mother is more than happy to help her son. Unbeknownst to him, she and her lover secretly work for an evil bio-chemical company and are behind his father's death. With his mother's help, the boy finally succeeds, but when he finds out his mother's true allegiance he takes the newly developed material and flees. Unfortunately, just before he gets out, the steel door shuts and cuts off his arm. He grabs the limb and then injects the new genetic formula in hopes that it will reattach. It does, but unfortunately, his arm has developed a mind and can attach or detach itself from the boy whenever it feels like it. The young genius ends up befriended by a group of vagabond amputees who live in the sewer system. With their help, the assistance of his arm, and the formula the boy begins working to get revenge.
Horror , Science Fiction & Fantasy
Directed By:
Written By:
Fangoria Films


Oliver Reed
as Dr. Hans Vaughan
Elke Sommer
as Helena Harrison
Billy Morrissette
as Harrison Harrison
Garrett Morris
as Stripes
Johnny Legend
as Preacher
Gerald Shidell
as Doctor Harrison
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September 29, 2005

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July 8, 2003

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Severed Ties is a lost early 90's gem of a balls-out, over the top horror/comedy film. It's a story about a young scientist Harrison Harrison(Billy Morrissette)bent on rediscovering his dead father's formula for tissue regeneration, which he thinks he destroyed, along with killing his father in a freak accident. Lurking in the shadows is his overbearing, clingy, and suspicious mother (former beauty Elke Sommer) and her equally suspicious boyfriend (the late, great Oliver Reed) who want to take the formula and do evil with it. In a freak accident, Harrison loses his arm and runs off with the formula when he discover his mother's plans. Naturally, he tries the formula out and grows a reptilian (and farily dangerous) new arm, befriends a bunch of homeless people (including Garrett Morris, whose a joy to watch in this), and battles his mother and boyfriend in a climatic ending that isn't going to be a happy one! Like I said, this film is wholly over the top and insane, mixing elements of Re-Animator, Freaked, and Street Trash. The gore is definitely prominent throughout, as are a gaggle of outdated visual effects to keep avid fans of these kinds of films engaged. Fun performances from the cast, especially an off the wall (not to mention VERY creepy) performance from musician Johnny Legend as a raspy voiced preist with a few screws loose. This is a cult classic film that desperately needs to be released on DVD, which may never happen. If you can obtain a copy of this film somehow, get it and watch it. Terrific film.

Jason Duron
Jason Duron

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