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Malcolm X Quotes

  • Malcolm X: You Are Not An American, You Are The Victim Of America!
    Malcolm X: You are not an American, you are the victim of America!

  • Malcolm X: I Will Not Touch The White Man's Poison; His Drugs, His Liquor, His Swine, His Women.
    Malcolm X: I will not touch the white man's poison; his drugs, his liquor, his swine, his women.

  • Malcolm X: The Only Thing I Like Integrated Is My Coffee.
    Malcolm X: The only thing I like integrated is my coffee.

  • DJ at the Harlem "Y" Dance: I'm not fearing any man...! I may not get there with you...!
    DJ at the Harlem "Y" Dance: I'm not fearing any man!

  • Malcolm X: I aims to please, sir, and I'm pleased to aim.

  • Malcolm X: We didn't land on Plymouth Rock -- Plymouth Rock landed on us!

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