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½ January 16, 2015
3.5 - Michael Keaton
3.5 - Kenneth Branagh
3.5 - Emma Thompson
3.0 - Denzel Washington
2.5 - Richard Briers
2.5 - Keanu Reeves
2.5 - Brian Blessed
2.5 - Robert Sean Leonard
2.5 - Gerard Horan
2.5 - Richard Clifford
2.5 - Kate Beckinsale
January 13, 2015
Fun, joy, love, betrayal and music. Branagh's Shekaspeare adaptations are usually great and this is one of the best of them.
½ November 30, 2014
I love it. Branagh is a genius and there's wit and sparkle in every line. Reeves' casting was a bit odd, but the rest of the film more than makes up for him.
½ August 23, 2014
Demi apa sumpah Keanu Reeves ganteng banget disinii! xD -> pardon my ababil language..hihihi
Lumayan...ngebosenin haha. I mean kalo untuk orang-orang pencinta sastra sih mestinya suka ya film seperti ini, apalagi orang Eropa dulu kalo bertutur kata tuh seperti bersyair, sangat Romantis yahh.. Danzel Wahington amazingly sampai sekarang masih terlihat sama wow o.0 isn't he supposed to be aging..?
½ July 20, 2014
I have to watch this at least once a year; ever since I first saw it when I was seven. I think this movie is part of the reason why I love to read, although I can't really put my finger on why, but it's the feeling I get from it. I've watched it so much that I can talk along with all of the characters in perfect synch, and yet I've not grown bored of it at all! If I'm feeling like watching something of culture outside of going to an actual stage play, then I watch this. It's so good to watch something like this every now and again, because every time I watch it, it leaves me with something different to think about. The acting, the sets, the comedy, the drama, the music, everything is top notch to me. It's strange because usually something like this with a lot of big names (especially something with Keanu Reeves) would spell disaster because you can never get that many stars together on the same screen without major problems, but everyone gets their time to shine and nothing seems lost for it. This is something I'll watch every year until the day I die.
July 7, 2014
The best Shakespeare movie since Henry 5 although reeves was a joke
May 18, 2014
Good Movie...but Keanu needs to NOT do Shakespeare...EVER!!! Ahahaha!!!
½ May 18, 2014
My favorite film adaptation of Much Ado and undoubtedly due to the brilliance of Branagh's direction. This star-studded cast brings tons of fun to the film as well as being very faithful to the source material.
½ May 17, 2014
Kenneth Branagh's adaptation of Shakespeare's MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING is nothing short of astounding. With one exception, every cast member brought their A-game, resulting in a movie that is overflowing with emotion and humor. Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson play Benedick and Beatrice, Denzel Washington plays Don Pedro and Michael Keaton does an excellently weird interpretation of Dogberry. The only downside is that Keanu Reeves is stuck in the thankless role of Don John, but fortunately the role isn't that substantial. Other aspects of the movie are just as impressive, from the on-location shooting in Tuscany to the score and a few beautiful songs. Shakespeare has rarely been so fun! A must-see for Shakespeare fans and people who like romantic comedies.
May 5, 2014
Not only is Kenneth Branagh's vibrant direction present in this adaptation, but the cast seems to have a strong love for their parts as well.
March 29, 2014
Maybe not quite a masterpiece, but certainly an entertaining and extremely well-made Shakespeare adaptation. All of the performances are fantastic, and Kenneth Branagh's direction is typically awe-inspiring. Certainly one of the best films that was shown in "Appreciation of Film" in my college.
March 29, 2014
Directed by Kenneth Branagh, who had made a name for himself with adapting Shakespeare's Henry V (1989), then he went off to Hollywood to do Dead Again (1991), then returned to England to make the nostalgic Peter's Friends (1992). Here he returned to Shakespeare, adapting his 1598 play, and making it a sunny, cheerful and funny adaptation. At the country estate of Messina, owned by Leonato (Richard Briers). Prince Don Pedro (Denzel Washington), along with Benedick (Branagh) and his brother Claudio (Robert Sean Leonard) come to visit after quashing an uprising led by Don Pedro's half-brother Don John (Keanu Reeves). Claudio has strong feelings for Leonato's daughter Hero (Kate Beckinsale), and Don Pedro arranges a party for them. Benedick has strong feelings for Leonato's niece Beatrice (Emma Thompson), but she proves to be a hard woman to get. But, Don John turns up to ruin everything, but local constable Dogberry (Michael Keaton) is determined to stop Don John. It has a massive all star cast, all set against the back drop of Tuscany. It has some good set pieces, and a lot of misunderstandings with some brilliant performances thrown in. Branagh succeeds here at making Shakespeare look trendy and cool, long before Baz Luhrmann did it with Romeo + Juliet (1996).
March 28, 2014
Now they've got Keanu doing SHAKESPEARE?! Still, I guess they've got him playing a character who is 'not of many words'. This one's not bad.
½ February 26, 2014
Very fun film, with some stunning cinematography. I like the charm this film has, balancing it very well and not seeming campy or dated in any way. Keanu Reeves should have a bigger role but he acted the part well with a finer rogue never seen.
½ February 23, 2014
Watched: 23 Feb 2014
½ February 7, 2014
Well-acted, but over-the-top like a play would be. Could have done without the nudity at the beginning. The extreme energy of the extras was a little excessive. Form: +2.5; morals: 0.
½ December 27, 2013
The movie is all around a good time and the characters are displayed very accurately in this!
December 18, 2013
Well, I have to hand it to Kenneth Branagh (My Week with Marilyn) - he knows how to deliver an entertaining picture. It's particularly impressive that this entertaining feature is an adaptation of William Shakespeare's play - with the original dialogue. As if directing this entertaining flick wasn't enough, he and Emma Thompson (Beautiful Creatures) are wonderful as the zealously opposed to one another couple. They really carry the film, but they're surrounded by the likes of Denzel Washington (Safe House), Kate Beckinsale (Total Recall), Robert Sean Leonard ("House"), and Michael Keaton (The Other Guys), who pull off their roles with gusto while Imelda Staunton (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I), Brian Blessed (Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace), Keanu Reeves (The Day the Earth Stood Still), and others are more or less relegated to the background. Still, it's quite funny, touching, and everything that a great adaptation of Shakespeare should be. Plus, the actors are so young! Where have the years gone?
December 7, 2013
I LOVE this film. I swear, any Shakespeare film with Kenneth Branagh is almost garunteed to be fantastic. Emma Thompson is ALWAYS amazing and just... this film was a riot and so perfect. I have NO complaints whatsoever
½ November 11, 2013
Probably the only reason this adaptation worked is because of the amazing acting from Branagh and Thompson. With many of the Shakespeare adaptations the actors seem to try too hard to sound formal and still get the lines out. Branagh and Thompson on the other hand it just sounds like it rolls of the tongue and is beautiful sound to the ears. The whole adaptation itself is probably the best adapted Shakespeare play because it seems to know exactly how to present itself.
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