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The Oklahoma land rush of 1889 is the setting for thousands of greedy pioneers attempting to drive native Americans off their land. The film covers a twenty five year period in which Indians are driven from their land and lose oil rights to heartless land grabbers.
Classics , Drama , Western
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Glenn Ford
as Yancey "Cimarron" Cravat
Maria Schell
as Sabra Cravat born Venable
Anne Baxter
as Dixie Lee
Arthur O'Connell
as Tom Wyatt
Russ Tamblyn
as The Kid
Mercedes McCambridge
as Sarah Wyatt
Robert Keith
as Sam Pegler
Charles McGraw
as Bob Yountis
Harry Morgan
as Jesse Rickey
David Opatoshu
as Sol Levy
Aline MacMahon
as Mrs. Pegler
Lili Darvas
as Felicia Venable
Edgar Buchanan
as Neal Hefner
Mary Wickes
as Mrs. Hefner
Royal Dano
as Ike Howes
L.Q. Jones
as Millis
Vladimir Sokoloff
as Jacob Krubeckoff
Ivan Triesault
as Lewis Venable
Buzz Martin
as Cim Cravet
Dawn Little Sky
as Arita Red Feather
Eddie Little Sky
as Ben Red Feather
Edward Little Sky
as Ben Red Feather
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Critic Reviews for Cimarron

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A dull, inferior remake of the 1930 Oscar-winner Cimarron, this time starring Glenn Ford and Maria Schell.

Full Review… | August 5, 2010

Tedious remake of the 1931 Wesley Ruggles version of Edna Ferber's classic.

Full Review… | July 6, 2005
Ozus' World Movie Reviews

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July 17, 2005

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December 26, 2003
Greenwich Village Gazette

Audience Reviews for Cimarron

Lavish remake of the Oscar winning classic, but it just can't recapture what made the original work so well. Glenn Ford is fine, but Maria Schell just is too bland for such an important role. Decent supporting cast, the art direction is quite good.

James Higgins
James Higgins

Sprawling, epic but overlong western much changed from the excellent novel and not for the better. Sabra, the lead character, was in the book a naive but resourceful woman who became through necessity a tower of strength and who was understanding and willing to lose whatever prejudices she had quickly while forging a life for herself and her children in the wilds of Oklahoma since Yancy, her husband was a born wanderer and would disappear for years at a time. In the movie she's a bigoted simpering harpy. That was her daughter Donna, who is completely missing from the film, in the book apparently they grafted those qualities on to her for the movie. A shame to ruin a great character that way. However the movie does have a good cast and beautiful photograpy, the land rush is very impressive, overall though a disappointment.

jay nixon
jay nixon

Super Reviewer

[img][/img] I think we all could learn a little from Yancey 'Cimarron' Cravat. Here are some life lessons I gleaned: 1. Be a shiftless drifter. People like drifters, especially drifters who smile a lot. Preferred professions to dabble in before drifting: gun slinger, lawyer, newspaper editor, trapper, tanner, prospector, and Rough Rider. 2. Remember, if you drag your newly-wedded wife into the boonies with the promise of free land and an idyllic farm life, and then renege on that promise because the prostitute you used to sleep with claims the land before you, don't despair. Your wife will have her whole life to forgive you. 3. Indians make terrible in-laws, but excellent house cleaners. 4. When you find out the prostitute you used to sleep with - the one who stole your idyllic farmland - still loves you, be sure to strengthen that filial bond, but don't give in to her. It's the only way you're going to force that woman off of her butt and back into whoring. Plus, your wife will have her whole life to forgive you. 5. Speaking of forgiveness - you should forgive the folly of youth, so long as the youth in question is trying to emulate your gun slinging years. 6. When you become bored with your family, it's understandable to leave without so much as a "Bye Y'all" on a post-it note, because post-it notes haven't been invented yet. 7. While on your years-long sojourn, don't forget to send your son a polar bear skin. Polar bear skins make great surrogate fathers. 8. When you return from your years-long sojourn, find out what your uppity redneck oil baron friend has been doing, then use your newspaper influence to sink him because, you know, his evil ways would have really bothered you if you'd been around to see them. 9. If you're offered a juicy job, say a governorship, and your wife wants you to take the job because she's sick of your shiftless lifestyle, but you know that you're only being offered the job because a bunch of rich guys want to control you, you should take the governorship, then subvert their evil intentions and use the power they've given you against wait. You run away. You run really fast, and you don't leave a post-it note. Your wife will have her whole life to forgive you. 10. Your wife will forgive you.

Craig Burgess
Craig Burgess

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