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November 26, 2016
In order to appreciate the significance of this film you have to understand the British culture and society and how the criminal underground vs. law enforcement works. If you do it will be a masterpiece in comparing how the American way of life differs and yet remains an iconic force to British criminals. Great performances and direction all the way around.
July 20, 2016
good gritty crime drama
April 3, 2014
Totally underrated and perhaps misunderstood movie. perfectly documented the climate of the crime scene in the UK at the time and along with amazing performances from the entire cast, the Bjork & David Arnold Soundtrack "Play Dead" was - in my opinion - one of the most underrated Soundtracks of all time. For once a director made London look like the international metropolis that it really is and not some cozy little village that previous British movies had portrayed UK Cities to be. Perhaps if anything, it was a movie that could only, really, truly be appreciated by British Citizens and moreover, those of us that had the misfortune to experience their own apportionment of the ugly behavior that was a reality at the time and perhaps still is. One of my all time favorites. 5 Stars
August 21, 2013
I think its one of the best films I've ever seen.
December 9, 2012
great movie and a great soundtrack
December 4, 2012
a hidden gem,great keitel movie
½ August 22, 2012
I remember going to see this back in 1993 and then forgetting all about it for nearly 20 years until i picked up a copy on DVD .
The strange thing is despite the mixed reviews the film got at the time its actually not that bad and it contains two great central performances From Harvey Keitel and Viggo Mortensen.

The premise is simple Keitel plays a DEA agent who comes to London in order to help the Met crack a drug ring which uses young Londoners to eliminate the opposistion.

What follows is a ruthless game of cat and mouse between the agent and the alwyas excellent Mortensen as a suave but deadly drug dealer.

The film works because director Danny Cannon doesnt use the picture postcard view of London that some films use ,Cannons world is dark nightclubs ,dingy dark Sohos streets and decrpid council houses .

The film also shows the conflict between old time London Gangsters and the new blood who are more than happy to kill before asking any questions,the films almost pre empts those ghastly gangster films that followed Lock Stock, but its much better than those as its not full of crap mockney actors.

A film then with plenty going on its just a shame its young director blew all his promise making the terrible Sly Stallone version of Judge Dredd.
June 11, 2012
This movie sucks but its got some good acting in it.
½ June 6, 2011
Keitel is underutilized in this average crime drama. The over saturated blue light reminds me of of the cinematography in King of New York. Bjork's contribution to the score is a nice touch and Viggo gives a killer performance. That's the best this movie has to offer.
½ November 26, 2010
"The streets run red, as the youth run wild, in this simplistic, criminal caper." Not a bad watch. Nothing I would recommend.
April 17, 2010
Not a bad film for the time (early 90s), but given the more recently produced Brit films on crime, well, this feels mild -- love the Bjork final theme song.
½ March 2, 2010
I genuinely can't remember anything about this film, I'm not even sure what reason I had for renting it. Really quite uninteresting premise; druglord in the UK uses young 20-somethings to wreck havoc while a cop (Harvey Keitel in a very mediocre performance) tries to get to the bottom of it.
It's gritty, dark and loud, but I never grew interested in the characters or the dealings they had to face, while the resolution was expected.
October 25, 2009
London's old school gangsters are being cut down by youthful assassins in the employ of Carl Frazer intent on seizing the city's drug trade. Scotland Yard receives "assistance" from DEA Agent John Harris who has been tracking Frazer for years. He gets his break when he meets Chris, a kid whom Frazer's boys have pushed to far and sends him in to infiltrate the gang...

Oft forgotten crime thriller staring Harvey Keitel as Harris and a pre LOTR Viggo Mortensen as his nemesis Frazer (even then Mortensen can convey charisma and menace like few others). Director Danny Cannon shows us a time and place in flux where then old kings of the underworld are being pushed out by younger, hungrier men, where the forgotten members of society weined on the old legends rise up to claim their piece of the city violating the old codes of honor. Check it out if you haven't seen it already.
½ September 13, 2009
not exactly the most innovating film ever but good story and interesting cast. quite Hollywood-like. not bad for a directorial debut...
½ May 8, 2009
Way too meandering start and a few unnecessary subplots, but once the story starts focusing on the Chris character, things aren't so bad.
February 26, 2009
excellent film well worth watching
December 20, 2008
pretty much as expected: unremarkable cop flick where Keitel is DEA "expert" cop with wife problems called to London to help the hapless coppers bust another American dufus (Mortenson) who likes to club it. Soundtrack features Bjork! and NIN.
December 17, 2008
Started off interestingly enough but then kind of couldn't figure out where it wanted to go or who it wanted to be about. Wouldn't recommend this one.
½ December 13, 2008
Entertaining film with good storyline.
July 17, 2008
Harvy Keitel is the man, forced to take care of business in London he crosses paths with a young Viggo Morrtenson.
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