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The Flintstones Quotes

  • Pearl Slaghoople: Look at him, drunk as a skunk-o-saurus!

  • Mr. Slate: There goes the best executive I ever had.

  • Fred Flintstone: Hey, Barn. Could you spare me a couple of bucks? because I'm a little short.
    Barney Rubble: Here you go, Fred. Nothing's changed.

  • Store Manager: Excuse me, Mrs. Rubble?
    Betty Rubble: Yes?
    Store Manager: There seems to be a slight problem with your credit card.
    Betty Rubble: Really & what would that be?
    Store Manager: It's no damn good!

  • Barney Rubble: You're afraid to tell Wilma, aren't you?

  • Fred Flintstone: My wife is the most beautiful gal in Bedrock.
    Dictabird: My wife is the most beautiful gal in Bedrock.
    Wilma Flintstone: Nice try, Fred.
    Dictabird: Nice try, Fred.

  • Cliff Vandercave: Flintstone! Kiss your bird goodbye.

  • Miss Stone: Will there be anything else, Mr. Flintstone?
    Fred Flintstone: No, Miss Stone. take the rest of the day off.

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