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½ December 3, 2016
It's everything you want it too be. It should have ended on the bus though....
½ December 2, 2016
We always look for originality in action films. We look for something that is not generic something a little more thought out. Speed can be thrown on the list of action films that stood out from the rest. However with originality comes good execution and having all the elements come together to create a kick ass production. Speed doesn't not by any means posses that.
A young Keanu reeves plays Jack Traven a LAPD cop who months earlier stopped a mad bomber from killing a bunch of civilians in elevator. While out in about Traven gets tipped about a speeding bus in LA that he finds out is rigged with an explosive. The explosive will go off if the bus slows down. Its up to Traven to figure out to stop this catastrophe from happening and who's behind it.
At the time it took the high speed vehicle idea to the next level. to me its almost like that years edge of tomorrow except its actually terrible. ill give it props for sound editing and design all the sounds in here were nicely dropped in.
The writing in the dialogue overal is god awful. no sense of sophistication its to generic and simplistic.lines are being forced there is not naturality to any of it and some are so clichéd. however the direction in the story was not bad.
The acting is so bad in here. Dennis Hopper did a piss pour job here as the villain. he was not threatening at all thanks to the writing I didn't find his motivation compelling at all. he is blowing up a bus and getting "Revenge" because his original plan didn't work. Keanu Reeves delivery of some lines in here was so dry and had nothing behind it. Physically he surprised no one but he overall didn't quite give us a worthy action hero to get behind. Sandra bullock was the only one who gave a decent performance in here
the action was predictable I knew what was going to happen each time. It did supply a pretty decent score. All in all I do not understand why this is so beloved. it has so many serious flaws that are easy to point out. Speed is a disappointment in my book honestly speaking.
December 1, 2016
La debole sceneggiatura di Speed rovina quello che poteva essere chiamato uno dei migliori film d'azione degli anni '90, visto che in troppe occasioni i dialoghi sono di una banalità disarmante, con personaggi piuttosto accademici.
November 28, 2016
What a wonderful action thriller it was!! Sucks that they don't make these kinds of movies anymore!
November 23, 2016
Nonsensical, absurd, loud, over-the-top, and terrifically entertaining. This is escapist action cinema personified.

Also, the charisma of Keanu Reeves, the charm of Sandra Bullock, and the scenery-chewing villainy of Dennis Hopper make this popcorn flick all the more fun.
½ November 21, 2016
I'm always delighted when I revisit one of my favorite films from the past and discover it was indeed as awesome as I remember it. Speed is just such a film. I'm going to freely admit that there are some illogical, physics-defying stuff that goes on in this film, but somehow the premise is just crazy enough that I don't care. Even though it's a little crazy and over-the-top, I still think Speed is a well-thought-out script. There are so many setups with just the right pay-offs, and so much time is devoted to planning out inventive methods of solving the puzzles created by the bomber. It actually makes for an engaging and thoughtful storyline, in between all the explosions. Some people like to criticize Keanu Reeves' acting ability, but I think he is perfectly suited to this role. And when he hits that moment of anger and frustration that causes him to boil over, I believed it completely. Dennis Hopper's portrayal of the mad bomber might be one of my favorite villain performances of all time because he perfectly blends intelligence, insanity, anger, and joy into a single character. Now I'll admit, there are some bad cheesy moments and lines particularly from the bus passengers, and there are some plot twists that are overly convenient or downright ridiculous if you apply any thought to them. The joy of Speed, though, is that I'm having such a good time from start to finish that I don't take the time to think about the flaws. This is a film that I find tons of fun, and in my opinion it is one of the best action movies of all time.
September 22, 2016
Keanu Reeves never yells in movies anymore. He yelled once in John Wick. Anyway, this movie was pretty intense and very enjoyable. The action will knock you out cold, the story will will stoke your fire to the max, and the intensity will have you grinding your teeth to dust.
½ September 10, 2016
Thrilling? Yes, Amazing? Yes, Speed is everything an action movie has to be.
August 24, 2016
bus jump was bad no inclination. last train scene was even worse. they threw the train in the middle of a the street. no good.
August 2, 2016
Director, Jan de Bont (Twister) directs an awesome and fast paced thriller about a bomb on a bus, that will explode if it goes under 50 mph. The acting in this movie is across the board awesome, and trurly emotional. The music/soundtrack by Mark Mancina, is adrenaline pumping and exciting, the music never slows down, neither does the pace of the movie. This movie is action packed, full of great comic relief, immaculate acting, and great music. Overall, this movie is fun, enthusiastic, and heart pumping.
½ August 2, 2016
Speed is a fantastic and amazing action film. Definitely a very good idea for an action film. This film is Jan De Bont's debut as a director and without a doubt his best film. I love the plot of Speed and it is a film I could watch anytime because it is amazing. I never took my eyes of the screen when I saw Speed as I loved what was happening in it and when you watch Speed you are always dying to see what happens next. The cast is amazing in this film. Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock, Dennis Hopper some of my most favourite actors! They are all excellent in this film. The special effects are great, the acting is incredible and the plot is amazing, everything an action film should be is in Speed. I did spot a few mistakes like you could see the camera man's reflection in a few shots and that shouldn't happen in a film. I would have rated this film 5 stars but there was just that mistake that got Speed 4 and a half stars. But other than that it is an amazing film and definitely a must see! Do not watch Speed 2 as it was a disappointment. Incredible action film! I also liked Jeff Daniels and Joe Morton in Speed too!!
July 28, 2016
Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock star in this fast paced thriller, which has great action, a brilliant villain, and Reeves' best performance in a movie to date.
July 5, 2016
seen part of it, looked all right
July 4, 2016
Don't let the bus go below 50!!! Speed is an incredibly enjoyable film with intense action sequences as well as decent performances from Keanu Reeves and Jeff Daniels. I actually like Sandra Bullocks performance too, I though she brought a unique charm and a sense of realistic innocence. This is how you make an action movie.
June 3, 2016
Rating: 78%
Action-packed, thrilling, and benefiting from an attention-grabbing role of Keanu Reeves, Speed is about as respectable and fun as fast-paced actioners get.
May 21, 2016
Tegang banget. Banyak scenario aksi lagendaris, seperti bus terbang, kereta terbang. Reeves dan Bullock pasangan cocok dalam acting. Menarik !
May 14, 2016
Speed compensates for its bad acting with terrific action sequences. Scenes when there isn't much action going on, you'll start to notice the bad acting with Keanu Reeves and the bad script with Sandra Bullock, but the action scenes make this so worth it. Definitely worth a watch. Easy to see why this is such a classic.
Steve Grady
Super Reviewer
½ May 7, 2016
"Speed" is another one of "Keanu Reeves's" classic 1990's action movies. The plot to "Speed" is that a young police officer named "Jack Traven" portrayed by "Keanu Reeves" who stops a maniac bomber from killing 20 people in an elevator. The bomber gets away but has a new plan, which is to put a bomb on a bus; if the bus goes over 50 miles per hour the bomb is detonated if the bus then goes under 50 miles per hour it will explode. The movie opens with the antagonist of the film "Howard Payne" portrayed by "Dennis Hopper" planting a bomb in a building. The scene is intense and shows how evil "Payne" is. The action-sequences on the bus are terrific; they are both intense and exciting. The movie's climax which takes place on a train is amazing, it works because the movie is so unpredictable and anything can happen. "Keanu Reeves's" acting is good; as usual he gives a calm performance as apposed to an angry and exciting performance. "Sandra Bullock" truly gives a stunning performance as "Annie" and her relationship between her and "Payne" occasionally has its issues but nothing too bad. "Mark Mancina" exceeds in creating some of cinema's best soundtrack. The cinematographer "Jan de Bont" excels in doing something many others failed in, which is filming some of the most exciting scenes in a movie for example the bus-jumping scene. If you are a person who enjoyed watching "The Matrix" or "Point Break" then I recommend you watch "Speed" as it has amazing music, terrific visuals, one of the most original exciting plots of the 1990's and is just an amazing action film. Although the movie isn't perfect it has some issues, these being "Keanu Reeves's" calm acting and some dialogue issues. I give 1994's "Speed" a 9/10.
May 2, 2016
Speed (1994) ????
Rollicking action movie about a young cop who must prevent a bomb exploding aboard a city bus by keeping its speed above 50 mph. Hang on! Scripted by Graham Yost and Joss Whedon, dynamic performances all around. Oscar winner for Sound. Followed by a sequel.
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½ April 16, 2016
Well I think 'Under Siege' kick started the term 'Die Hard on a...' back in 1992, then along came this massive action film rollercoaster success in 1994 which coined the highly imaginative term 'Die Hard on a bus'. Holy skidmarks! this film brought back some memories of my teens, I remember this film well and the huge furore it caused, all the girls were banging on about Reeves and all the boys were banging on about Bullock.

The plot is actually quite ingenious really, it sounds insane, how on earth can you set an action film on a bus? we all asked backed in the day. Well obviously there are bits that aren't within the bus of course but the main threat of a bus that can't go below 50mph is a clever plot trick. That's pretty much it really, a bus load of stereotypical everyday commuters are all trapped on a bus which has a bomb underneath. Super cop Keanu Reeves takes on the job of saving the day from the terrorist Dennis Hopper. And at the end of the ride just like Hans Gruber, all the bad guy wants is some money.

Looking back at this its so so damn cheesy I can't believe it, how did we all think this was cool?! The opening credits are some of the worse looking computer effects/text images I've seen, obviously early days back then and boy does it show when 'SPEED' pops up. I mean lets think about this for one moment, how can anyone take an action flick seriously when one of the SWAT guys is played by...Jeff Daniels??!

The main action on the bus which takes up most of the film is undeniably enjoyable still. The whole idea is such a rush and easily translated to film, sure half the time the bus is clearly not going at 50mph (usually much slower) but it still comes across very well. You get every predictable scene you would naturally expect, the film isn't the most original in terms of characters. All the passengers fight amongst themselves, one is a gang member with a gun who of course shoots the bus driver which mean Bullock must drive. One lady is always panicky and slightly hysterical, one guy is mouthy, one guy delivers some comedic lines every now and then, there's a token black couple, a token Latino guy and Reeves of course totally stony faced and stoic at all times.

For the most part the film is quite realistic, but there are some moments which they could of left out. The bus jumping a big gap in an unfinished highway springs to mind which is easily the worse idea ever. The way they let the bomb loaded bus careen into an oncoming airliner once everybody is safely off, surely they should of tried to veer it somewhere so it wouldn't cause massive damage? Of course we all know the reason is merely to show off a nice big explosion at the end, despite the fact in the films plot it may have caused more deaths. What about the guy pulling the plane in his little tug truck??...who cares its a cool explosion!

While we all know that Reeves is the invincible turbo charged heroic cop who never gets tired or injured, he is acceptable for what he is. Bullock on the other hand is not, at no time did I ever accept the fact she could be driving this bus, there's just no way. Bullock is an annoying wet drip of a woman and shows it completely in this film, she flaps, squeals and rarely looks in control. They wouldn't have lasted five minutes in reality with her driving.

On the other hand Hopper is clearly having a blast as this pissed off ex-cop out for revenge. He's dodging around scowling and howling like no ones business, he goes for broke and totally delivers a perfect hammy over the top bad guy. This film really is amusing at times though, like in the finale when Reeves and Hopper are fighting. This young, tough, adrenaline filled ultra cop getting his ass beaten by clearly a late middle aged man who is half his size and can barely run.

The film does tend to lose its edge once the main event of the bomb rigged bus has been solved. The set pieces get more and more ridiculous until we reach the rather overly ridiculous finale with the underground train, which is clearly a model. The film in parts is plain stupid, comic relief from various characters along the way is reasonable I suppose but it all adds to the cheese n ham factor, kinda takes the edge off at times. But overall the film doesn't try to be anything other than a speeding bullet of an action flick that you don't really have to look too deep into. And not often does an action films title sum up the general content so perfectly. Still nowhere near on par with the classic 'Die Hard' but a decent rare original action film.
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