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March 26, 2016
Harris is usually good
August 2, 2013
A reasonable attempt to cover the life of Abraham, with mixed results. The 3-hour run time doesn't help either.
½ May 19, 2013
always enjoy these movies
½ July 18, 2012
They normally mess up Biblical films, but this is a rare and excellent portrayal of the story of Abraham. Richard Harris was the best choice for Abraham hands down.
June 19, 2012
just got done watching it on tv..i missed alot but thought it was very good from what i had seen
February 6, 2011
½ May 1, 2010
While the film takes certain liberties with the story, I can not deny the power of the acting and how well it so concisely makes the important points show through and it impresses me how applicable even this old story can be today.

It feels long, takes liberties and has moments of realistic wonder in desert living - however it has a strong cast who deliver their parts well, and drives home the essence of the story so well, I see it as nothing less than a masterpiece of history, inspiration and education.
April 4, 2010
just got done watching it on tv..i missed alot but thought it was very good from what i had seen
Super Reviewer
½ October 6, 2009
Now this is part of a series called the Bible collection. It taught me a few things I didn't know. Its worth the watch, the acting and the costumes are excellent. Story of Abram, his adult life. The part where the 3 angels of the lord appear to him very moving. Also recommend the Story of Joseph, Most excellent. Richard Harris has played so many parts in his life, but he gave 100 percent for this one. If your like this film you will also like many films by Fox Family Video. 4 1/2 stars.
April 15, 2009
Another classic! Richard Harris' potrayal is amazing!
January 26, 2009
might be good to see.
October 23, 2008
good christian movie
June 8, 2008
real bible story love it
½ May 14, 2008
always enjoy these movies
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January 5, 2008
Excelletn movie, as it brought back many memories of the stories that I was told in Sunday school. Excellent acting from Richard Harris, Barbara Hershey and the rest of the international cast. Enjoyable, but long and at times drags just a bit, but it was just so well done.
½ December 24, 2007
Very faithful adaptation of the Old Testament account of the Judaeo-Christian patriarch. Starts slow but picks up once Abram leaves Ur. Great film for those times when I need an inspiration of faith.
December 19, 2007
Richard Harris is about the only good part of this movie...
November 5, 2007
Excellent movie - this was the first of TNT's "Bible" series and almost certainly the best. Richard Harris has passion in the role, and Abraham's powerful doubt-tinged faith comes blazing through. The ending moves me to tears, particularly Isaac carrying the wood for his own fire up Mt. Moriah (that should remind you of a similar walk with wood on the back).
October 31, 2007
Good...but not 100% Biblically accurate
½ July 28, 2007
Richard Harris is excellent in this movie
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