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Milk Money Quotes

  • V: Nobody's treated me the way you do.
    Tom Wheeler: How do I treat you?
    V: Like a person.
    Tom Wheeler: How does everybody else treat you?
    V: Like a hooker.
    Tom Wheeler: Why do they treat you like that?
    V: Because I am hooker!

  • V: I need a hundred bucks or I'm gonna get slapped, you think you can do that?
    Frank Wheeler: Here, take it.
    V: Where'd you get all this money?
    Frank Wheeler: My friends and I wanna see a naked lady.
    V: How much of a naked lady?
    Frank Wheeler: As much as a hundred dollars will buy.

  • V: How should we do this? On the bed, or something?
    Brad: I'll stand.
    V: I meant ME.

  • Frank Wheeler: My mother died before I was born.
    V: I don't think that's possible.
    Frank Wheeler: Okay, she had me first and then she died right after.

  • V: There is a place you can touch on a woman that will make her go crazy.
    Frank Wheeler: Where?
    V: Her heart.

  • V: Don't worry. I've seen a Brady Bunch. Nothing bad ever happens to you people.

  • Frank Wheeler: Which brings us to... intercourse! Can I have a volunteer?

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