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A largely forgotten comedy-chiller in the tradition of The Cat and the Canary, Artclass Pictures Corp.'s The Phantom emerges as one of the loonier films of the early sound era. Sans his nickname "Big Boy" and the usual B-Western regalia, Guinn Williams stars as nervy reporter Dick Mallory who, along with the district attorney's (Wilfred Lucas) daughter Ruth (Allene Ray), goes in search of The Phantom, a masked killer whose recent jailbreak is alarming the citizenry. They find him running an insane asylum (a rather appropriate place for a deranged killer), but not before a series of encounters with Swedish-accented domestics and the usual thick-headed police officers.


Allene Ray
as Ruth Hampton
Niles Welch
as Sam Crandall
Pat Collins
as Tom O'Brien
Wilfred Lucas
as John Hampton
Bobby Dunn
as Shorty
Tom O'Brien
as Sgt. Pat Collins
Sheldon Lewis
as "The Thing"
Horace Murphy
as Chief Murphy
William Gould
as Dr. Weldon
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A brilliant opening sequence is not enough to save The Phantom from utter boredom.

Full Review… | May 31, 2006

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The Phantom (Alan James, 1931) Pre-code thriller that lacks anything relating to thrills. A bunch of folks staying at a remote mansion, later including some of the local constabulary, are stalked and done away with one by one by the title character, an escaped convict (potboiler vet Sheldon Lewis in one of his final movie roles). Now, you might be thinking to yourself, âhey, this sounds like a pre-code slasher flick!â?, and reading back over it, it kinda does, but really, it's not. Or, perhaps, it is, if you think about the absolute bottom tier of slasher flicks. You know the ones, where there's no characterization, no plot to speak of, nothing but a bunch of cardboard cutouts waiting for someone to come butcher them. (Read: any horror movie starring Paris Hilton.) Except, in this case, despite the movie being pre-code it failes to bring even the tiniest drop of blood to the party. Does have a few laughs going for it, but honestly, if you never see this movie, you won't have missed a thing. * Â 1/2

Robert Beveridge
Robert Beveridge

The Phantom follows in the tradition of films like Old Dark House and The Bat Whispers, but it comes up short when compared with the two. The film has horrible dialog and even worse acting. It could hardly hold my interest for the hour long running time. The film revolves around a small group of people that are being terrorized by an escaped masked killer known as the Phantom. Thats it. There is nothing more to the story. In the beginning of the movie you get to watch the daring escape from the prison, which proves to be the most action packed part of the movie. It is one of the wort prison escape scenes ever. Skip this one. Its not worth your time. This movie should stay on some shelf in a studio somewhere collecting dust. Rating: 1 of 10 S!D

Brandon Siddall
Brandon Siddall

This movie has some stupid characters, and it's kind of annoying, and not well made, but the mystery has a strange ending, which makes you feel a little better about having watched the whole thing.

Aj V
Aj V

Super Reviewer

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