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June 8, 2014
what a downer of a "nightcap"; you know no good'd come outta a crazed green-eyed monster.

worth watching (and re-watching) for femme fatale beart alone.
March 3, 2014
One of Chabrol's darkest psychological studies with amazing performances especially from Francois Cluzet. L'enfer could have the signature of Polanski.
½ November 2, 2013
L'enfer is a riveting thriller done in the Hitchcockian style, it's a study of how jealousy can turn into an obsession, and a hell unto itself. But more than that it's a look into the horrors of what your mind can do to your reality. The story centers around Paul, an owner of a hotel, and his wife, Nelly. Nelly is a gorgeous women who is somewhat flirtatious with men, but it seems to be harmless, or is it? Emanuelle Beart's performance as Nelly is an essential reason for this film's success, she keeps us guessing as to what she is actually doing, however, whenever she is confronted by Paul, you are almost certain she is a loving wife. But to Paul, he thinks she's having sex with everyone in the building behind his back, and he can't get this thought out of his head. Whenever it seems like he is getting past everything, the voice in his head assures him that she is a liar, and this voice is not so much his inner self as it is the devil himself. The voice speaks to him in a sinister and volatile tone, always carrying him further into the hell of his own mind. The screenplay is very well adapted by Claude Chabrol, who makes this film an existential study of a man's tormented psyche. The script unfolds with even pace, and Chabrol's camera is calm, allowing us to see the story play out naturally; it never moves more than it has to, moving with the characters, and seeing things as we would see them in reality. The only complaints I can make is that the script is a little predictable, never making any Hitchcockian twists or turns, so by the end, we feel that we knew that was going to happen 30 mins into the film. Overall though, this film is very thought provoking and visually engaging, it grabs your attention and never releases, which is enough for many to see right through any flaws that it has. If you can, give this film a viewing.
April 11, 2013
brilliant, and kinda creepy
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½ August 26, 2012
Seeing this makes me want to watch the available footage of Clouzot's Inferno and Schneider's interpretation of the role.
June 21, 2012
A fantastic film about the corrosive power of jealousy.
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½ December 6, 2011
With the title L'Enfer (meaning Hell) and a story by famed French suspense master Henri-Georges Couzot, you cannot help but have some idea about what you're getting into. Paul works hard at managing his fledgling hotel and never gets enough sleep, and right at his side is his beautiful wife Nelly carrying her share of the load while raising their young son. Stress takes its toll on Paul as he begins hearing voices and suspects Nelly of straying into a young car mechanic's arms. And that's just for starters!

L'Enfer follows the one-track mind of Paul and never deviates from the theme of jealousy. Over time we see Paul transform from a pitiable figure into a despicable monster, and apart from a couple wobbles Francois Cluzet capably handles the task. Emmanuelle Beart is even better as Nelly as she deftly handles a wide range from the radiantly bouncy bride to the confused & frightened subject of scorn. The further the movie goes, the more we see slightly modified replays of earlier scenes because of the single-minded nature of the screenplay. Still, director Chabrol achieves his goal of depicting a marriage completely crumbling through one man's inability to accept the keystone building block of trust.
March 27, 2011
Must see this anybody has this?
February 20, 2011
The title means hell, and this movie leaves no doubt in my mind, that living with Francois Cluzet's Paul would definitely have been hell. A very well acted story about how love can turn to jealousy and finally insanity. I also love th fact that while it was a movie without an official end, at least they had the decency to acknowledge that in the final part of the movie. A story without end.
January 1, 2010
Okay, there are two films with the title, L'Enfer, both of which star Emmanuel Beart. This one blows.

San Fin my ass.
November 22, 2009
An absolutely Intriguing movie abt How Relationship Suffers
Nd Moreover how sometimes Even True love Can Turn Ya into a Mad person !!
Nd not to Forgot "Emmanuelle Béart" !!
October 19, 2009
The movie devolves into surreallism at the end. Chabrol going back to his much earlier trick. Makes me wish we could see the original Clouzot version, which from the brief footage you can find on line appearently peppered it through out. Honestly if you marry Emmanuelle Beart,you should expect a little unfaithfulness. Too much woman for one man to handle. As if any of us would have an idea of what to do with her anyway.
½ July 27, 2009
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May 7, 2009
Very slow hence only 2 stars. I felt no sympathy for the lead man, he just got on my nerves.
April 5, 2009
Un excellent Chabrol inspire d'un projet mort-ne d'Henri-Georges Clouzot qui devait tourner le film en 1964 avec Serge Reggiani et Romy Schneider. "L'Enfer" epate par sa mise en scene tres soignee, sa photographie et ses cadrages (voire decadrages) hitchcockiens qui evoquent aussi le cinema muet expressionniste. Les scenes ou Cluzet poursuit sa femme pretendument infidele pour la confondre, dans les rues du village puis dans la foret au bord du lac, sont sublimes. Chabrol fait preuve d'une tres grande maitrise formelle dans son traitement de la jalousie obsessionnelle, jouant parallelement sur le retrecissement de l'espace et la dilatation du temps, ce qui fait monter la tension crescendo jusqu'a la rendre insoutenable. Ca commence sur de jolis paysages, filmes de jour en exterieur, pour s'achever dans une chambre close, de nuit, a l'interieur, derriere les carreaux d'une fenetre. Au depart, la camera virevoltante dessine des arabesques autour des personnages, la narration avance par ellipses, puis ralentit progressivement, jusqu'a se figer vers la fin ou chaque seconde devient extremement pesante, soulignant le calvaire, l'enfer, vecu par Paul et celui qu'il fait subir a sa femme Nelly. Le montage aussi devient plus brutal et tranchant, multipliant les inserts visuels et sonores presque subliminaux. Mon seul bemol concerne le jeu de Francois Cluzet qui en fait peut-etre un peu trop et trop d'un coup. La mise en scene deja suffisamment explicite necessitait peut-etre plus de subtilite, plus d'interiorite. Cluzet rend son personnage excessivement grotesque. En revanche, Emmanuelle Beart, elle, est impeccable, hyper convaincante dans son role ambigu de femme fatale "malgre elle". La camera de Chabrol la sublime totalement.
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March 4, 2009
L'Enfer (translated as "Hell") started life as a script by Henri-Georges Clouzot starring Romy Schneider but filming was stopped when Clouzot suffered a heart attack.
Chabrol then got his hands on it and turned it into a semi successful study of one man's decent into madness. Things start of well for our main character (François Cluzet) he has a new wife, a young son and is running a successful hotel. Though soon enough he starts to suspect his wife of adultery (when his wife is the flirty Emmanuelle Béart who can blame him). As the film continues it becomes obvious that this man clearly has something wrong with him and is beoming more and more obsessed and paranoid.
The ending was rather ambiguous, but even with the two good lead performances it's still rather average.
January 5, 2009
i thought it was directed by Krzysztof KieÅ?lowski... without knowing it was directed from someone else..but anyway.. it is still so "KieÅ?lowski"
½ November 1, 2008
Though I thought it was well done, I couldn't help but think, "why does everyone think this behaviour is okay?" Seriously, see a shrink.
October 2, 2008
The acting by the two lead actors is great and Paul's descent into insanity is frightening. Great ending that leaves you wondering what really happens.
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