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August 9, 2014
This Mess Of A TV Movie About Career Criminal John Dillinger Is Somewhat Entertaining. Mark Harmon Provides All Of Dillinger's Charm But Sadly Not His Ruthlessness. This Film Featured A Good Performances From Mark Harmon & Will Patton, Although It's Far From Their Best. Sherilyn Fenn's Performance As The Gun Moll Who Betrays Dillinger Was Terrible & Vince Edwards, Who Was Supposed To Be FBI Director, J.Edgar Hoover, Comes Off As A Grumpy Old Man. This Is A Decently Scripted, Badly Edited TV Movie, Which Is Usual For TV Movies & This Is Not One That Stands Out. It's Your Average, Somewhat Enjoyable TV Flick.
September 21, 2012
Okay I only started watching it because it starred Mark Harmon was in it but its an okay movie all in all
February 26, 2010
I saw a part of it and it rocks!!! Mark Harmon plays a very good John Dillinger.
½ November 23, 2009
wish this was available on dvd as this is a watchable version of the events. Not a great movie but deserves a look.
July 6, 2009
This Was Such A Great Movie !
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