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July 6, 2009
I don't think that there is any reason for me to watch this.
½ June 10, 2008
An ecological horror movie. Will probably disappoint those looking for typical monsters, but worth a look for the open minded. Like Larry Fessenden's previous movie, Wendigo, this is a thoughtful art film in a horror package.
½ October 19, 2007
Best aussie movie of the year!
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September 13, 2007
Recommended by Scotty
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September 12, 2007
psychological horror, with a enviromrntal message. hellboy star, ron pearlman stars as a oil digger, sent to the alaskan wildernessto progress with dreilling for his company. he gets there, and has to deal with a enviromentalist, to continue digging, but there apears to be envviromental changes going on, which complicates things. but these events could be caused by something else, as workers start acting up, is there somethng communicating with peoples emotions. interesting film,reminds me of films like, the thing(snowy setting, human emotion) and the shining(supernatural forces at work its got a real creepy feel and for a long time, you dont what type of film this is. a nice little, killing off one by one, but done differently, cold loooking film as well, so wrap up warm.
August 26, 2007
This looks very intresting. Reminds me of an old film called 'The Thing'. But I bet it's not that great.
August 15, 2007
theres something about this movie that just didn't work for me. Maybe it was that I just didn't get the isolation/paranoia vibe that I should of. Good premise but just not executed to my liking. I would of liked a pan up in the final scene to connect with the spreading devesation (it worked in the mouth of madness) but I guess thats what we get from a low budgeter.
½ July 30, 2007
This is an American and Icelandic co-production which is a horror movie about some people trying to establish a small oil refinery in the north of Alaska. When the earth fights back,, things get interesting. For the most part this is an effective cross between The Shining and The Unbelievable Truth, but towards the end it becomes a little misguided and confusing. Great concept for a film, well acted and only sometimes scary, this is worth checking out.
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