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December 22, 2010
Actually quite a good idea for an action flick, a bigger budgetted remake could be good imo. Gary daniels is the innocent man ("im just a teacher??" not a very good one if you go by his teaching at the start") suffering from uncontrollable rage after being injected with drugs. sure the guy can't act for shit but he can kick a guy in the face like the best of em!! Its c grade stuff but some half decent action and stunts hold this above alot of similar trash
½ March 15, 2010
My first run in with the PM Entertainment Group was fun indeed. I haven't seen this many explosions, busted up cop cars, spinning back kicks, or broken panes of glass in one place before in my whole life. The piece de resistance had to be the highway patrol truck that went tumbling on all axes over a huge fireball produced by an exploding big rig. That was no CGI trick. They really did that. Basically this movie feels like someone gave a 10 year old $100,000 and said "Ok Jimmy, now you can smash up real cars."

The plot is pretty fun, although totally unbelievable. It features Gary freak'n Daniels as Alex Gainer. A 2nd grade teacher with a martial arts background. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Gary Daniels he truly has run the gambit. Starring in everything from the loathsome Pocket Ninjas, to the post apocalyptic Fist of the North Star, to this year's mega action movie The Expendables. He has proven that staying power really is the key to the game. Or it could be who you know ... either way he's finally made it. In this movie he's running for his life after he's taken against his will and subjected to cruel military super soldier experimentation. He busts out in maritime fashion and proceeds to whomp a hornets nest of ass kickery so lively and unpredictable that you could say that it is nothing short of unadulterated RAGE! He dispatches with a small army in the science lab and when he gets out onto the road he throws a truck driver out the driver's seat doing 50+ MPH. He takes the wheel and carves a swath of carnage 10 miles long, culminating in a daredevil leap to victory on the smoldering asphalt. This is not a Sunday afternoon snooze fest. This is ACTION as it was meant to be. No silly plot to get in the way. Just real things blowing up everywhere you look.

I won't give away what happens next but ultimately it's one lowly reporter who sways the public interest in Alex's favor. This makes it possible for him to swoop in, take his family to safety, tell his side of the story, and then finish things once and for all.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves pure action. If you're looking for a cerebral element to go along with your action then you're looking in the wrong place.

Pick up a copy the next chance you get. You won't regret it.
½ July 6, 2009
Better than average action for a B US production and a decent performance from Gary Daniels. Too bad the production design and the script are so dull.
June 30, 2009
gary was really angry.
½ November 20, 2008
a nice story how a school teacher become a encounterer just for revenege
August 14, 2008
pretty cool movie wicked stunts 2.
½ March 24, 2008
This movie had potential, but fell through the cracks. To bad.
October 28, 2007
Probably one the best movies i have ever seen. I watched this movie when i was 10 years old so. I grew up watching this over and over. It has the best action scenes of all movies. And it was Gary Daniels who inspired me to start Thai-Boxing. He was truly my childhood hero.
½ October 19, 2007
This movie is just awful. Almost beyond description. Don't watch it, unless your under a heavy drug regiment.
September 1, 2007
i love Gary .im so impress he play in the film but im so sad that he not come in the film now ,why he dosnt come and record film
August 2, 2007
gary daneils first and last good action movie with damn good stunts
June 21, 2007
absurd action movie. lots of ridiculous kills and impossible stunts
Super Reviewer
June 14, 2007
OH NOES!!!!!! 0_0 !!!
½ June 7, 2007
Den filmen er kanskje den den dårligste som er laget noensinne. Ihvertfall den dårligste jeg har sett. Gary Daniels gjør en latterlig rolle, og filmen kan summeres mef et ord: Horribel!

Ikke kjøp filmer på bensinstasjoner i fylla!
March 19, 2007
one of my fav actor'd
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