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September 13, 2015
Despite graphic violence, language, and explicit nudity, Heavy Metal has AMAZING animation, interestingly dark interwoven stories, excellent voice acting, thickly written characters, and most of all an absolutely kick-ass soundtrack, all of which make it the finest example of American-Animated films.
½ September 6, 2015
Possibly the worst animated movie I've seen.
½ September 2, 2015
Heavy Metal is one of the most mixed films I've ever seen. The animation and art is 10/10 gezz I wish more movies looked like this SERIOUSLY. But then again its overly sexualized and pretty aimless, most segments lack a punch or even a resolution. I can say its unique Its the movie definition of Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll.
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August 23, 2015
Gerald Potterton's animated cult classic based upon the adult fantasy magazine of the same name, which has an innovative mixture of different animation styles. This anthology of stories are very original and entertaining. The central premise of the film is that of good vs. evil. It concerns a green orb called the "Loc Nar" which holds a super powerful entity of pure evil, that is involved in each of the six vignettes beginning with my personal favorite "Harry Canyon," about tough New York City yellow cab driver in a dark distant future, full of gangsters, aliens, corrupt cops and femme fatales, "Den," about a nerdy teenager who transforms into a huge hulking muscleman while being transported to another world of hot big-breasted women and murderous monsters, "Captain Sternn," which is a hilarious story that is full of wit and chaos, it concerns Captain Lincoln F. Sternn, who is a sleazy scoundrel that is on trail for his life for his many heinous indiscretions, he has the perfect plan to win, with a special character-witness named Hanover Fiste, "B-17," is a creepy segment that captures the flavor of the old E.C. comics, it concerns a flight crew of a bomber in World War II who encounter the evil power of the "Loc Nar" in the form of the living dead, "So Beautiful, So Dangerous," is full of juvenile humor, it is about a couple of wacky, stoner aliens that pilot a gigantic smiley face spaceship, they abduct a sexy hot jewish secretary, that befriends a little horny robot, and finally "Tarrna" about a beautiful, voluptuous, super lethal mute warrior woman, who is mankind's last hope to vanquish evil. Astute direction by Potterton, with fine voice performances by Richard Romanus, Al Waxman, Susan Roman, John Candy, John Vernon, Eugene Levy, and Joe Flaherty, Elemer Bernstein's lush score is superb, and the film also has an amazing 80s rock soundtrack that includes music from Black Sabbath, Blue Osyster Cult, Cheap Trick, Devo, Donald Fagen, Journey, Nazareth and Stevie Nicks. There is much inspired imagination here, this is robustly entertaining. Highly Recommended.
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August 6, 2015
Bit sexist, bit fascist, bit mental, but with a cracking soundtrack.
July 22, 2015
Not focused on heavy metal music (although there is some Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult on the soundtrack) and instead tan animated version of fantasy stories from Heavy Metal magazine which we would probably call manga these days. There are 4 or 5 segments, each animated by a different team. The best of them is "Harry Canyon" which seems like a cross between Philip K. Dick/Blade Runner (before that film was made) and Taxi Driver. Much of this is adolescent male fantasy with girls who are "drawn bad" being helped by loser heroes or saving civilization themselves. There's a bit of green blood, some stoned aliens, and the floating voices of the SCTV cast (primarily John Candy) thrown in. Nothing really holds together but the film is more of a visual feast with a rock soundtrack (that could have been higher in the mix) than a narrative feature. If you revert to being a 14 year old boy, this would be wondrous.
June 30, 2015
A big 80's music video with LOTS of gratuitous nudity. For nostalgia's sake, its hilariously funny. If you're looking for something cool, you could enjoy it. If you're looking for something serious to watch, stay away.
½ June 28, 2015
A different animation film, even today.
½ May 29, 2015
Creative, but not enjoyable at all; contains more nudity than it ever deserved; has no real plot. But yeah it's creative.
½ May 23, 2015
This was written by 12- year olds. Without the music, it would have been physically painful.

Exemplifies the notion that the euphemism "adult material" almost exclusively denotes content which is chiefly of appeal to people other than adults.

Great music & great animation are the only things that save it.
April 19, 2015
For those about to rock, we salute you! Along with great animation, a collection of interesting stories, and as Mayor Quimby from The Simpsons once said "ta seuxy fewtage"!
April 10, 2015
This Rocks....plain and simple.
February 21, 2015
Heavy Metal is an animated anthology film based on the magazine of the same name. The film explores many genres, such as sci-fi, fantasy, horror, film noir and bizarre combinations of all of these. The soundtrack includes Black Sabbath, Cheap Trick, Nazareth, Journey, Blue Oyster Cult and many more. The result of this bizarre combination of elements is incredibly chaotic, nonsensical and trashy. Yet somehow, for the most part, the film seems to work. It feels like the fantasies of a 14 year-old boy being portrayed in very crude animation and the result is fascinating. This could have easily been an epic work of pop and trash art, but it never quite reaches that level. It is still completely entertaining though.
February 15, 2015
A strange, sexist clusterfuck of scatter-shot ideas. But at least it's fun to watch, well-animated, has a great soundtrack and doesn't take itself too seriously.
½ January 19, 2015
A collection of stories centred on a green orb that encompasses evil, and the effects it has upon those who try to use its relentless power, 'Heavy Metal' pops like a graphic novel and was made just in time for the MTV generation (the film was released six days after the launch of the popular cable network). It's a beautifully animated piece, an experimental product of its time whose several segments were done by assorted animation studios; this procedure benefits the aesthetics of the overall production. Not all segments hit the mark, but the one devoted to New York City taxi driver Harry Canyon (Richard Romanus) is by far the best and could've easily been the premise of a feature-length film. Aimed squarely at the most stereotypical aspects of masculinity, 'Heavy Metal' runs out of a little steam towards the end, but is a very worthwhile venture nonetheless. Weird and wonderful, this is lots of fun.

A direct-to-video sequel, 'Heavy Metal 2000' (titled 'Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.' outside of North America), was released in 2000.
November 7, 2014
Everything you'd want in a gleefully offensive fantasy
September 28, 2014
I do love this movie.
½ September 27, 2014
You know that one nerd who can't get laid? The one who constantly complains about being in the 'friend zone'? This is the kind of shit that he writes. Next...
September 5, 2014
September 4, 2014
Because of its narrative format, this is classic exploitation on all fronts. Certainly memorable and its art direction style trickles into countless 90s fare, This movie, seen without nostalgia, is only a one-timer. Fleetingly awesome.
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