Black Sheep Reviews

November 23, 2009
may not be remembered as a masterful comedy classic, but for the college humor crowd with a relatively safe PG-13 rating, it's a fun diversion
June 22, 2007
Though not always in good taste, this tongue-in-cheek parody of the horror genre is sophisticated and clever enough to earn the appreciation of the egghead cult crowd.
July 21, 2005
December 24, 2002
A transcendent comedy starring one of the top - but most tragically fated - comedy teams of all time.
November 8, 2002
June 18, 2002
A little comedy that succeeds in its modest aim to provide 87 minutes of harmless diversion.
February 13, 2001
Works as well as it does because the anarchic, high-energy spirits of Farley and Spheeris lock into each other perfectly.
January 1, 2000
[Farley] is funny in the great loser buffoon tradition of guys who look like they slept through shop class but graduated from the two year tech course anyway.
January 1, 2000
They're certainly no Aykroyd and Belushi, or even Myers and Carvey, but Farley and Spade manage to wring humor from a series of juvenile setups and predictable pratfalls.