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February 1, 2013
i truly loved this movie it is so heart warming and it's great fun for the whole family.
January 16, 2013
May need a rewatch to see if it still holds up
January 2, 2013
While sporting a nice cast, Flipper falls short of anything but a cliche.
½ December 7, 2012
Im gonna be sick again........ like free willy highly radioactively boring...........
November 9, 2012
like it i got 3 different flipper
½ October 19, 2012
Not what I thought it would be, but it wasn't to bad either. E.W wasn't at his best, in my opinion.
½ September 11, 2012
I watched it aloooong time ago and it bored the hell out of me
½ August 8, 2012
I orginally saw this movie in theatres. thats when Allijah Woods was still a teen heart throb, now he's a hobbit in lord of the rings. flipper is based on a tv series and made into a movie but with more well known actors. its ok. predictable and if you love sea life or when animals befriend humans this is your movie. the back ground is very seren and i must admit their are some good parts of the movie that make you laugh.
½ July 25, 2012
I like this movie! Dolphins are so gorgeous and my favorite sea animal!
½ July 3, 2012
Generic family film can be defined by putting Flipper in. Nothing new or original, and unless you're very young, it will not be overly enjoyable.
June 25, 2012
A good watch for children.
June 17, 2012
I think i've seen, i don't quite remember
June 9, 2012
Good emake; Paul Hogan is entertaining; great early performance by Elijah Wood
May 31, 2012
great! I love dolphins so this movie was great!!!! The guy was even a little cute! :) ;p :D bye
May 1, 2012
skip this and see the original
½ April 18, 2012
sweet story about bonds aw!
April 17, 2012
un autre film pour une soiree en famille
½ April 17, 2012
yea i like it! what can i say i like the water!
April 7, 2012
if you like dolphins this is your movie
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