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September 19, 2008
Providing an endless stream of one-liners, which put in check any of the films pretensions towards seriousness, Connery brings life to an otherwise formulaic movie.
August 7, 2008
Un festival de dmolition aussi grandiose que profondment immature
December 30, 2006
Entertaining action, nothing more nor less.
June 24, 2006
Fake countdown and knowing reactionary tone, but the best SF car chase to date.
May 26, 2006
The movie, directed by sophomore Michael Bay (Bad Boys) is almost unwatchable.
January 23, 2006
Extremely far-fetched, but undeniably exciting.
August 6, 2005
A rousing action picture with generous dashes of humor, The Rock remains the much-maligned director's best film
April 9, 2005
It may not be an original, but it's certainly a good knock-off.
June 25, 2004
The movie's extreme violence, exhausting action and macho posturing make it an unlikely ticket choice for women and unsuitable for children.
June 18, 2003
A huge, noisy mess.
May 20, 2003
January 20, 2003
Connery was very good in this role, and his presence is the reason why The Rock doesn't suck as bad as it could have.
September 10, 2002
The dialogue is real sharp and perky, and cool one-liners abound. Oddly enough, the thing that works the least in the film is the action.
June 11, 2002
Even for adults, the movie's a violence-intoxicated, far-fetched, morally corrupt drama that sinks like a... you know.
June 11, 2002
The Rock is a B-movie blast.
June 11, 2002
In a summer already bursting at the seams with amazing special effects and star-driven excitement, The Rock redefines nail-biting suspense and heart-pounding action.
June 5, 2002
Above Mission Impossible and Twister put together. But being better than two bloated, style-over-substance movies does not equal good.
April 12, 2002
From a helicopter's point-of-view, The Rock is just typical big American dumb fun. It's only when you look underneath at the film's underlying assumptions that you want to recoil.
May 12, 2001
A popcorn-movie deluxe.
March 19, 2001
For all-out amusement-park entertainment, The Rock is one heck of a ride.
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