The Island of Dr. Moreau Reviews

February 27, 2018
Brando's performance is enormous fun, but it's not just a joke. He's hilarious and gently mesmerizing at once, and director John Frankenheimer savvily adjusts the tone of his movie to fit Brando's daft brilliance.
August 19, 2012
It's not to say there's not a lot wrong with the film, but rather to suggest that the chief criticisms of it being strange and "a mess" aren't among them.
August 1, 2005
July 19, 2004
An often fascinating mess, but a mess all the same.
October 24, 2003
Amazingly, Kilmer delivers an odder performance than Brando. Creepy retelling.
January 1, 2000
January 1, 2000
Uneven; definitely has its moments.
January 1, 2000