A Time to Kill Reviews

September 7, 2011
June 14, 2009
A likable -- maybe even lovable -- movie.
October 8, 2008
Although it has its share of implausibilities, A Time To Kill is generally the most satisfying of the John Grisham screen adaptations to date.
February 9, 2006
Justice may be blind, but rarely have courtroom dramas presumed quite so heavily on cultural myopia as this heinous version of John Grisham's first novel.
May 20, 2003
If the film doesn't add up to a cogent legal argument, neither does it have trouble delivering 2 hours and 20 minutes' worth of sturdy, highly charged drama.
June 18, 2002
Untrained as an actor, with only three minor roles to his credit, McConaughey holds the screen against Samuel L. Jackson, Sandra Bullock and Kevin Spacey, and completely justifies the buzz surrounding his role...
May 29, 2019
Legal drama candidly tackles race relations in America.
November 29, 2017
(Grisham) films are... grossly over-inflated examples of that old genre which hardly ever need change, the courtroom drama. A Time To Kill is no different, except that its verdict would be laughed out of any court anywhere in the civilised world.
June 14, 2009
What craven offal!
June 14, 2009
A gritty, intense and engaging courtroom drama.