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April 20, 2010
It wallows in its ceaseless bloodbath and emerges like its protagonist -- sleazy and second-rate.
March 26, 2009
Mike Hodges' top-notch adaptation of a Ted Lewis novel not only maintains interest but conveys with rare artistry, restraint and clarity the many brutal, sordid and gamy plot turns.
February 12, 2009
Top Critic
February 9, 2006
Refusing ever to dwell, it cuts sharp rather than deep, but sharp enough.
October 23, 2004
A tense, hard-boiled crime movie that uses Michael Caine, for once, as the sure possessor of all his unconscious authority.
February 17, 2002
July 17, 2019
Outdated '70s crime thriller has blood and sex.
December 29, 2018
one of the most brutal revenge stories of all time.
August 20, 2016
A film of exceptional viciousness and mordant humor, which single-handedly blew the bloody doors off British crime films of the era.
April 22, 2012
[VIDEO ESSAY] ...represents the apex of the British Gangster genre for the its realistically gritty tone, fetishized eroticism, and dynamic attention to details...
April 20, 2010
While Caine would like to think of himself as one of Chandler's or Hammett's lonely avengers, he is really nothing more than a vicious brute with a warped sense of honor, trapped between the past and the present.
April 20, 2010
Ranks up there with the likes of The Long Good Friday as one of the finest home grown films of the past 30 years.
September 6, 2009
Mike Hodges is a steely Diebenkorn, dry and dangerous
December 29, 2008
Its finest triumph may be that it's still more immediate and brutal than almost any of the films that it inspired.
February 23, 2008
February 16, 2006
A classic British crime-thriller that's as mean and uncompromising as its vengeful main character. Caine is in top form.
July 19, 2005
January 8, 2005
November 18, 2004
Cnico, cruel e surpreendentemente charmoso, Carter um dos melhores personagens da longa carreira de Caine - e as locaes, os dilogos e a montagem fazem jus a ele.
November 1, 2004
THIS is the good version of the crime saga.
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