Worst Movie Ever Made

WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT! GOD DAMN THIS WRETCHED PIECE OF FUCK SENT FROM SATAN HIMSELF TO TORTURE US BATMAN FANS! Bad acting all around especially from Uma Thurman ("Curses!"), way too many one liners, dumb gadgets (ice skates, for fucks sake why'd they put ice skates?), bat nipples, bat ass, and bat bulge.
Bad Ash J. Gilmore
04-21-2013 08:27 PM

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Dhruv Gaur

Dhruv Gaur

It is still terrible.

Jan 28 - 05:09 PM

Jeffrey Ballesteros

Jeffrey Ballesteros

"I got a reboot after fans called Batman & Robin a disastrous embarrassment to comic book movies everywhere." - Batman (ItsJustSomeRandomGuy)


Aug 1 - 12:14 AM

Lord Tutweiller

Lord Diego John Tutweiller of Trolldonia

It's so bad it's good. I say Battlefield Earth or Tim and Eric's Billion-Dollar Movie is the worst movie ever.

Jul 6 - 10:04 PM

Alex M.

Alex Maverick

This movie makes me think dark thoughts....about how fucking awful it is.

May 11 - 07:41 PM

John Tyler

John Tyler McClane

No, the title of "Worst Movie Ever Made" belongs to Disaster Movie. This film is a work of cinematic art compared to that blasphemy.

May 11 - 02:46 PM

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