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March 22, 2016
Ladd is a excellent choice for Gatsby and Shelley Winters perfect for Myrtle but the film is hampered by miscasting in most every other role. The flat look of the film betrays the luxury settings inherent in the book. Not bad but surely not a definitive version.
August 4, 2015
This adaptation is very dark and gripping - more so than any other version I've seen thus far. Ladd is the best Gatsby to date and if you are not too particular about a faithful book adaptations, this movie will keep you entertained. The only reasons I wouldn't give it 5 stars is a super low production value and the fact that it seems to be set in late 30's/early 40's rather than in the roaring 20's (based on the costumes, interiors, cars - etc). That makes it confusing with the story line. :) Unlike Redford's wooden performance and DiCaprio's gross overacting, this Gatsby is much more vulnerable, subtle and I dare you not to root for him. I double dare you...:)
½ June 5, 2014
Static version of the novel, with Betty Field miscast as Daisy Buchanan.
½ September 22, 2013
Seems rather lacking in ambition, skimming lightly through most of the story. Occasional particularly effective scenes stand out; Gatsby displaying his stuff (which brought me to realize that James Franco's character, Alien, in SPRING BREAKERS is modeled on Gatsby), and Gatsby's demise among them.
June 23, 2012
Far superior to the Robert Redford 70's version. Hopefully the 2012 remake will hold up to this one. Saw this in May at the Palm Springs Film Noir Festival in a packed house. Alan Ladd does a more gangster and gentleman take on the role, while still being subtle. He is our unsung hero throughout the film. His death scene is memorable and haunting even by today's standards. The set pieces are stunning and the cars are phenomenal.
½ July 8, 2010
good version of this but I still like Redford 1974 version best Ladd is a little too old to play the part.
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½ December 31, 2009
Not as bad as the 2001 addaption, but not much better.
April 29, 2009
nice movies and very classic
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