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February 24, 2017
A truly fresh take on the Arthurian legend. Sam Neil shines in this T.V mini series with surprisingly good effects and a truly magical atmosphere.
½ September 9, 2016
Neill can do no wring in these 4 hours of fantasy-nut heaven. With a fresh take on the classic Arthurian legend, the movie puts the legend's protagonist, Arthur, in perspective, letting the 'magic' of the movie not only literally lead the show, but your opinions too. For a TV movie, the cast is exceptional and therefore the acting is of a quality standard. There are some contentions with Short's character Frik, bringing modern humour into this ancient tale; additionally, the CGI has become somewhat outdated. Nonetheless, the story-line is still unique and is what shines through, thus, it lets the magic of the legend of King Arthur be thoroughly enjoyed by the whole family.
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½ June 22, 2016
Sam Neill grouses his way through this infectious (if slow and overlong) telling of Arthurian legend from the perspective of it's purported instigator. He only seems to relax whenever Isabella Rossellini's around, I don't know why. Magical fun, despite the miscasting of Martin Short. And Miranda Richardson carries the whole thing home.
March 25, 2016
Was a very good movie with a great script and acting my everyone and love the ending so much. I haven't seen this movie in a while. The graphics are great for the time period in was made in. I always thought it was wonderful how they added parts of other movies of the same time era that fit in perfectly along with showing the background of the other famous movies and how they got to become who they were in other movies and how they started out and together for their own story for their movies and pretty much all of the characters that left to have their own movies of their life together all basically started from Camelot in this movie, it just ties everything together nicely. Would love to watch it again as soon as it's available to watch on tv or Netflix soon.
½ November 1, 2015
This is very imperfect, but the strange chemistry works (mostly), and it boasts a little magic. What more could one expect?
July 16, 2014
Good Story, Nice Cast, OK Movie.
January 22, 2014
Favorite depiction of Arthurian legend-
½ September 25, 2013
Prepare for a long journey with some highs and lows but mainly lows.
½ August 23, 2013
A very good adaptation of the King Arthur legend. Sam Neill, Miranda Richardson, Martin Short and Helena Bonham Carters performances are outstanding. I however prefer not to watch this due to it's long running time of 3 Hours.
½ June 22, 2013
very interesting and well done
April 7, 2013
This is the worst movie I have ever seen.
April 5, 2013
This may very well may be the best movie that Sam Neil ever stars in.
½ January 22, 2013
Haha I remember watching this on TV. It wasn't terrible, but... I mean, Rutger Hauer was in it. That's gotta count for something, right?
½ January 22, 2013
For a TV miniseries, it's pretty good.
½ December 28, 2012
WOW! An amazing adaptation of the arthurian legend. But can het dreary in some places. ;-)
December 19, 2012
Too many special effects and not enough story make what could have been an epic fantasy into a mediocre sword-and-sorcery flick--and what's with the weird voice for the villain?
½ December 7, 2012
A nice fantasy revolving around merlin. Good cast and a good script.
November 27, 2012
Muy buena esta versión de Merlin.
½ November 2, 2012
One of my favorite Merlin stories. Love the cast.
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