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½ December 29, 2011
Liked it. Long time ago
December 9, 2011
Alot of things to admire, alot to make fun of, and a ton to be charmed by.
December 3, 2011
I can't believe I've seen this.
September 30, 2011
Thursday, September 29, 2011

(1998) Merlin

A fantasy retelling about Merlins life, including his ups and his downs. Both as a mini -series and as mythical history, I thought the experience was uninvolvingly inaccurate, loopy, jumps in stages without too much elaboration on Merlins choice of actions. Unmemorable diaglogue with actors trying to make sense out of the story, with some of the most cheesiest special effects shown on screen! The situation is, Merlin rebels against her biological mother, Mab who originally inherited some of it's powers from, then upon her fake mother dead, Merlin vows revenge against her real mother, Mab, by using the powers he had gotten from her to be used against her- this is dumb. But this is the result of "The Lord Of The Ring" movies which made more sense, then seeing the history presented here!

2 out of 4
September 23, 2011
I love this movies,i need to get one
September 15, 2011
I watch the tv series, and it is good... but later I found the movie.... well, i love either Merlin tv series or this Merlin movie... Love the story, love the casts, love the setting, love the music.. love all of them....
August 23, 2011
I loved this as a kid, and it's still good. Though I am a sucker for magic.
August 13, 2011
So long that it made me fall a sleep.
August 11, 2011
This miniseries amounts to becoming one of my favorite movies of all time. It is fantastical where it needs to be and action-packed where it needs to be. The weakest part of the story is Merlin himself and the first half is decidedly weaker in my opinion. Merlin, as a character, is weak from the start. He was created by Queen Mab, but when she tells him that he is magical and has powers, he grows to resent the training...why? It is never clearly explained why he feels this way and the performance of the teen actor makes us think that he is bored. What? If I don't understand the motivation of a character to defy another character, I won't have any feelings at all for that character. This is really weak and really doesn't make sense. The movie almost makes me feel more for Queen Mab throughout its entirety. Sam Neill is somewhat weak as Merlin and never really is able to overcome the stunningly horrible original motivation for hating magic. The kid gets a reason after Mab kills his surrogate mother, but she is never really mentioned in any sort of length again (i.e. she is lost and forgotten so Merlin has even less motivation other than to be a thorn in Mab's side while she is FIGHTING FOR HER LIFE which is a better motivation). The performances of the other characters are really good, in fact. They have a certain fantastical element that works well and the always phenomenal Helena Bonham Carter makes a great appearance in the film. The second half is really a lot stronger as the fight between Mab and Merlin for magical domination heats up. THe ending is somewhat weird and very hard to watch because, again, you identify more with the defeated villain than with the boring hero. Overall, strong performances, story, and visuals make this a film that is awesome and stays with you (I saw it for the first time in first grade and I still like it).
½ August 2, 2011
The Best of the Best MERLIN.
In the land of myth and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rest upon on the shoulders of a young boy. His name Merlin.
Super Reviewer
July 18, 2011
Bought but not yet watched
June 17, 2011
An epic version of the king Arthur tale!
June 7, 2011
its really tricky to review this of it are horrendously'll be sitting there and then'll get hit over the head with a ludicrously silly scene of gobsmackingly bad......and then there are parts of it that are just fine....this makes for a very problematic film! all fairness i have to say that its a lot like a concert....sometimes a concert will have a bad first half...and then a lot of people disappear from the audience and go home....and then the second half is really much better....this got better as you watched it...but i split the viewing of it into two nights....maybe i forgave the way it was done because i knew what i was going into on the second night.
May 23, 2011
How can such an interesting cast provide such a hammy performance? A jumbled mess of anachronistic jokes, anything-but-subtle villains and grand yet bland sets, for the most part. That said, some of the characters are fairly well-developed and interesting and some scenes and ideas actually feel fresh and welcome. Then again, there are the annoying camera speed-effects that just are a pain to watch. Not a terrible tv experience, all in all, but so much less than what it could have been.
½ April 27, 2011
A movie this long need to ensure there are no slow moments. I found that it took just a little too long to tell the story and could have done with a good 30 minutes trimmed off. There also wasn't as much magick in the film then I would have liked. However it did tell a good tale, was entertaining with a fantastic performance from all the cast and well developed characters. It really is a classic tale and will continue to enchant through the ages. I particularly like the character of Queen Mab who has a lot of depth and more to her that your traditional evil villain. She was sublimely brought to life by the very talented Miranda Richardson.
April 26, 2011
best merlin/ king arthur movie ever!!
March 24, 2011
This is a really good movie in my opinion
March 9, 2011
Absolutely adore it, it hardly sticks to the legend at all it's a new tale and it's great with a fabulous cast. But of course Miranda Richardson stole the show with her Queen Mab. The most beautiful woman I have ever seen Mab is a very misunderstood character it does one well to try and understand her. A truly beautiful story I would recommend it in a heart beat.
½ February 20, 2011
Another film that I love, everybody has to love the older films don't they ? Being a fan of the Merlin series on BBC1 I just had to check this out and I was not disappointed. Thankfully this focused more on Merlin rather than Arthur which I liked, I mean would you rather watch a prince or a sorcerer ? I know I prefer the sorcerer. I think my favorite character in the film whether you agree or not has got to be Martin Short, he's just fun to watch and funny as always. There are quite a few good laughs in this film but I guess it depends on you're sense of humor. If you're into fantasy films and Merlin then check it out.
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