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A small town is besieged by a bloodthirsty army of malevolent vampires in director Leif Jonker's ultra-gory, no-budget, underground horror hit. Shot on a shoestring budget and heavily circulated on the underground horror circuit after making a hearty splash with gore-hounds, Jonker's high-energy frightfest finds a lone warrior facing off against a legion of the undead after watching his friends get wiped out in a nearby convenience store.
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Cena Donham
as Kelly
Steve Brown
as Jodie
Lisa Franz
as Dianne
Bill Hooper
as Glenn
Jake Euker
as John
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What it lacks in every imaginable component of professional filmmaking, it kinda makes up for in enthusiasm and gore. For about 40-some minutes, anyway.

Full Review… | May 9, 2006

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August 16, 2005

Audience Reviews for Darkness: The Vampire Version


As far as no-budget horror movies go, this one is a classic. I was bestowed the honour of premiering my own no-budget movie, Blackbags, as the opening short at a rare screening of Darkness - my first time viewing the film. Although it pre-dates 30 Days of Night by about a decade, it's almost the exact same set-up: vampires invade and take over a small town. This is an epic splatter fest from before the days of CGI, when you had to actually create tangible special effects on screen. For the time, you can see a fresh attitude regarding the classic vampire myth reflected in the style and heavy metal soundtrack. Although the ending is a little drawn-out, fans of b-movies should see this hard-to-find gem if the opportunity should arise.

Schmoog Lebowski
Schmoog Lebowski

Title: Leif Jonkers Darkness (1990) Director: Leif Jonker Review: I always admire creative people who even though they might not have any resources go out of their way to make their dreams come true. There's something to be admired in that type of passion and determination. And Leif Jonkers had that and a whole lot more when he made Darkness. The plot is about Toby, a young man whos whole family was murdered by a gang of vampires lead by an undead known as Liven. He joins forces with a bunch of other teenagers who upon returning from a Rock and Roll concert find that their parents have perished at the hands of Liven and his vampire gang as well. This movie impressed me in many ways. OK, first off the movie is a no budget flick that was shot by a few teenagers and their friends in their own home town, so lets get any hopes for this being a mega budgeted high production right out of the way. This is first and foremost a ultra low budget independent film. Now, lets get to the good stuff. This movie kicks ass! Its got a lot of imagination. It might have had no budget but that doesn't mean that Leif Jonker didn't think up imaginative ways of overcoming their obstacles in making this vampire Opus! This is the type of film that makes me want to get up from my ass, buy a digital camera and start making my own independent film. Its got that energy and spark that only new comers who are hungry can give to their project and it is very evident in every inch of film. First off the flick opens with a bang in a gas station. This whole sequence was designed to grab you by the throat in the first opening minutes, and that it does! The pace of the movie is very fast and energetic, right from the get go, the movie never stops. Its like a roller coaster ride of vampiric thrills. The movie has some well orchestrated moments spread evenly all through out. Starting with the gas station sequence, then the rading of a vampire layer which turns pretty bloody (chainsaws and all) the car wash sequence...the shoot out, I mean this movie has a bunch of interesting moments that keep the movie from being boring. The gore is plentiful! No budget? Screw it! Lets throwing as much blood as we can for shock value alone! And gosh darned it I loved the cheap thrill of seeing those sprays of blood exploding on my TV. The deaths don't shy away from the red stuff like in todays PG-13 filled world. No, no, here the blood splashes all over the place right down to the ultra bloody as hell finale. Speaking of the finale I loved the heck out of it. It had an Evil Dead vibe to it; though I'm sure that was intentional because the film feels like something Raimi and Campbell could have cooked up in their early years. Its got that bravado of showing things raw, no candy coating whatsoever. That ending has got to be one of the bloodiest ending I've ever seen. The special effects were fun, I couldn't get over the things these guys came up with on such a low budget (something like 5,000$) The only bad thing about the movie where its technical limitations. Its obvious that they lighted this movie the home made way, some scenes are too dark to make out, others where to bright. Still, you can tell that all Leif Jonker needed was a good lighting crew and a budget and the movie would have looked a heck of a lot more kick ass. But as it is, I let that slide because the movie was being so entertaining. Also some of the acting and dialog wasn't so hot. In other words, it has all the limitations of a no budget flick. But the fact that Leif Jonker could churn out such an entertaining flick with all these things against him speaks volumes of the talent that the guy has. I'm sure given the right budget this guy could be a very good horror director. In conclusion, Id say this is a fun movie to watch. Never boring, lots of energy and imagination. Hurray for Independent cinema and bring on Darkness 2!

Cassandra Maples
Cassandra Maples

Super Reviewer

I found this one in a local pawn shop, those traveling through Phenix City Alabama, stop at our pawn shops great selection of movies in most cases. But this one is Nothing More Then a White Blade, Still great Action scenes, I wouldn't buy this one new, they left the ending for possible 2nd moive.

Bruce Bruce
Bruce Bruce

Super Reviewer

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