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May 27, 2018
As someone who has never been a huge 3 musketeers fan I did enjoy watching this movie.
March 16, 2018
Tenth favourite film
July 17, 2017
The all-star cast and the intriguing premise underwhelms in a slow, uninteresting musketeer follow-up of sorts.
April 7, 2017
When whom we are and whom we work for we naturally are high when we ride horses. When we choose to keep our spirits high by basking in our pleasure able glory. To keep our spirits low when we are humble servants to those high above us, God. When we are high when we sre the kings men that we protect those from high in power. When we are high when we blessed with a family. When whom we are and how we are regarded we were once highest demand to our country & king. When being high has its perks & benefits when we are the king awaited hand and foot. When we are high in some places to see others are low in other places when they are poor rioters. When not religions are in high spirits when what we do is waging wars with other religions to keep them low. When we see others would stoop so low to rebel against us in hiding. When so e things we see from place sight high above we see down below we are attracted to when they catch our eye. When we belong in high places to know we are our own men to live low with those high we we are near them. When other things we wish to be near we stup low to get what we want when they are of high value to us. When we see there is nothing higher in regard to us then our beloved we also have to pay our highest loyalty to our king. When being treasonous means being low to those high when we don't see eye to eye.

When we live in a time where we are high and powerful to rule  over those to make them low and weak, when we control everything in the lands you stay alive in. When those whom we see are high for items we want, we must have when we want it. When those whom are low when we make them low, we keep away from us, hidden and unseen when we have high visions what we see. When we see we have appointed those high to see we are high when there loyalty keeps us where we are. When we can't be seen to hide in low places to reveal what others couldn't see when loyalties & oathes are broken and we must bring those high, low. When being in high & low places we see our humble beginnings and tragic endings to see we are needed again to keep our highest priority to our country & king using the unseen eye. When what we see we can't stoop so low as to understand why. When somethings we see low make those we see high to see we are worthless when we have nothing more to give. When we see we only low when we grown accustomed to it over the years to learn what it means to be high above all. When what we see is of the highest that we share such privileges with God to see no one else we see can be this high but ourselves. When we see what being high does to us, when we trade away love, feelings, for somethings are not, that we reveal we wear masks when we are not happy & truthful when we are really low. When we wear a mask to show we like seeing those high, and like seeing ourselves low to know we do so for our survival. When we see what is below haunt us from on high when we can't get somethings out of our head. When we see life has gone low to only follow along with it when our country's blood is in its people whom we protect. When we see how some things so high can come low to see us in our lowest hour to gives high hopes we will see life without a mask. When we see how we are proud to sit high up with those whom are high when they see eye to eye in having heart. When we see ourselves and what we represent to highest honour to only care about doing our duty without stooping low to only serve what we consider to be the real genuine highest power we wish to serve and stop others from changing that. When we see how low we become to become treasonous to our honour to correct our mistake. When we see we couldn't correct other mistakes in seeing we put those in our highest attention, honour and pride when we should have been their as a father. When we see choose other duties to see how high we are in somethings and low in other things to see we correct our ways. When we see that the higher the legend of those grow, so to their fate when we see why we regard them so highly.

When we see that we our proud to serve a high king we lay down our life for to protect. When what we lay away down low, holds countless stories, honour, lives, pride of a country and king to inspire us on awaiting to be unearthed and retold over and over again so to be can pass on the legacy and future people to serve their country. When some honour we see go beyond titles and glory when we see highest honour is family. When we see that change brought hope back to what once was low restoring the people's faith back in their king and country to it highest.
February 8, 2017
It's good movie to watch
½ December 31, 2016
Is only good to watch the take on the lore.
December 18, 2016
Good historical depiction of the theory of the man in the iron mask. Acting is a little weak especially the action scenes.
November 28, 2016
Underrated movie. I freaking loved it! It starts out a little bit shakey, but then it gets better
October 2, 2016
man this is a perfect movie I can't believe you idiots would rate it so low
September 23, 2016
It wasn't the greatest film but it wasn't the worst either. The acting was pretty uneven but I didn't think it was a complete waste of time.
June 10, 2016
Graças a Deus que o DiCaprio se tornou o ótimo ator que é hoje. Ver ele nesse filme é de assustar. Atuação fraca e caricata. Além de todo o filme ser uma desgraça de ruim.
May 14, 2016
Greatest Leo DiCaprio movie I've ever seen :)
I love the story of royal families throughout history especially the story of King Louis XIV. :-)
½ April 4, 2016
Sometimes people are thrown into bad movies. You get tired of decent actors, like John Malkovich, acting poorly.
February 2, 2016
Leonardo Dicaprio's performance here could be summed up like this - "I want a cookie now! Wah, waa, waaa!" Just shut the hell up!
This was back in the day when he couldn't really act that great, and boy did it show!? The movie had potential, but looking back at it, you can tell that it had problems with the story, acting, and plot, which doesn't make it hold up that much!
November 27, 2015
Fantastic sequel to The Three Musketeers about the overthrow of the evil King George for his good twin brother King Louis. Fairly long film, but very exciting and entertaining to watch from start to finish.
November 8, 2015
Somehow, not at all swashbuckling
September 26, 2015
The Man in the Iron Mask is forgettable and quite dull to watch. The cinematography and the costumes were great, but DiCaprio was no King Louis and it sucks saying that because I know Leo is better than this.
August 30, 2015
I absolutely love the book when I read it as a kid then this movie ruined it...
½ August 23, 2015
But why was John Malkovich's acting so horrendous?
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