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½ May 22, 2009
Could have been a regular, easy forgotten made for tv western, but it sure is not. The storyline is great and has a mystical touch that makes it quite enjoyable, and the soundtrack is suprisingley good. Some of the acting was kinda cheesy but still entertaining. Eric Robert has done a lot of crap movies, but he is allright in this one.
April 26, 2009
I really enjoyed this movie! I love the twist it has. I love the boy's innocence while he is surrounded by murders and drinkers... Great Movie with great shooting scenes!
½ March 10, 2009
There's not much mystery for the viewer given the title, but this is nonetheless a fine western variation, with a great cast and entertaining story. This is one of the few movies Eric Roberts was actually good in. Overall, despite the occasional western cliche, very entertaining.
March 7, 2009
good movie have to be my one of my favourites
February 26, 2009
one of the better western type movies.
Cowboy or no cowboy, your call.
February 1, 2009
Loved this movie,real head mashing stuff
½ January 16, 2009
An amazingly great idea for a western. I only wish I thought of it first. Great movie.
November 3, 2008
So good. The ending was perfect!
October 18, 2008
I love this movie!!! I love Donnie Wahlberg!!! I also love the fact that this movie is a western that has gone beyond the world that we live in. I finally found this movie on DVD and I used the last bit of money I had to buy it!!!
October 4, 2008
I really thought this was an older movie that I loved. I need to watch this and make sure it is the same one.
September 8, 2008
This was an actual good movie Late 90s flick great way at the time to start off the summer if your into western.
½ June 28, 2008
This is one of the few "made for TV" movies that was done well and has an awesome story.
June 21, 2008
It may be a western, but it is one hell of a movie. There are turning points in everyones life, where they can choose to do whats right, or whats easy. Your choices, not luck, make you who you are.
½ May 29, 2008
i can watch this movie with my boys over and over again there is absolute nothing bad to say about it it proves karma is a bi$%h
May 22, 2008
One of the ONLY westerns that I actually liked !!!
May 11, 2008
One of my favorites!
½ May 1, 2008
I liked it a lot! Western movie with a spiritual message...sort of? Great actors and a good story. Interesting all the way to the end.
April 25, 2008
I watched this movie for the first time when I was in 4th grade and liked it. I just watched it again and it's still bad ass!
April 14, 2008
March 28, 2008
a good western only if it had better actors.
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