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April 8, 2010
One of my favorite Ashley Judd movies. You're right there with her hoping she gets her revenge and doesn't get caught all the way. I can watch this flick over and over.
½ April 7, 2010
Everything is bad in this rotten movie.
April 2, 2010
Good thriller, wonder what Ashley Judd's doing these days? Hell, wonder what Tommy Lee Jones is doing these days?
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March 18, 2010
Ashley Judd does a great job as a woman convicted of killing her husband and realizing later that he's still alive.
Tommy Lee Jones is good as her parole officer, and Bruce Greenwood is the dead husband who's not so dead.
Although this movie was entertaining and well acted, it was extremely derivative. Also, several elements of the plot in the first scene were somehow telegraphed - or else it all seemed familiar.
March 15, 2010
I thought this was an intense thriller with twists and turns. I thought Judd and Jones were a great duo on screen.
March 10, 2010
It has a good plot to it, and I'm okay with that.
March 9, 2010
Good, but nothing spectacular.
½ March 4, 2010
AWESOME MOVIE ! I have watched too many times ! LOVE TommY Lee Jones !
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March 2, 2010
Libby Parsons is happily married to Nick and has a wonderful son, Matty. One day while spending the night on their boat, Libby wakes up and finds Nick gone and blood all over the boat and a bloody knife. When an investigation begins, it's discovered that Nick was in financial trouble and had a two million dollar insurance policy. Though Libby claims that she knew nothing about it, she would be convicted and sent to prison. She entrusts Matty to her friend, Angela and it's during one of her calls to Matty that she learns that Nick is alive. And she also learns that since she's already been convicted of killing Nick already, she can kill him and not be charged. After seven years she's paroled and placed in the custody of Travis, a parole officer. When she tries to find Matty, she breaks a few laws including the parole restrictions. So Travis wants to report her but she escapes to look for her son with Travis on her trail.
February 27, 2010
Everything is bad in this rotten movie.
½ February 26, 2010
Awesome mystery movie, keeps you on ur seat till the end.
February 24, 2010
Answering questions nets you double the cash!
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February 23, 2010
Ashley Judd returns.
½ February 20, 2010
Ashley Judds tits are worth two stars alone.
February 12, 2010
Good Saturday afternoon suspence drama.
February 9, 2010
I know i've seen it, but i could't tell u a thing about it.
February 7, 2010
you have to love when a wronged woman gets revenge. :)
February 6, 2010
one of my favorite tommy lee jones movies! I absolutely LOVED the ending... however I think they could've stuck with their original idea of framing Bruce Greenwood for her murder :)
February 6, 2010
Amazing Thrilling and Suspenseful.
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½ February 5, 2010
Tommy Lee Jones sticking to his "Fugitive" role substituting Ashley Judd for Harrison Ford.
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