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Where the Heart Is Quotes

  • Lexie Coop: Now the current one, he's prefect.
    Novalee Nation: Why's that ?
    Novalee Nation: Why's that?
    Lexie Coop: Cause he's sterile as a cottonball.

  • Willy Jack Pickens: Why does anyone lie? Because we're scared? Or crazy? Or just mean?... There's a million reasons why a person lies... But sometimes, you tell a lie so big... that it changes your whole life... Lie's so big... it makes you think...

  • Forney Hall: Do you love me?
    Novalee Nation: You are the best friend that I've ever had.
    Forney Hall: Just answer me.
    Novalee Nation: You delivered my baby.
    Novalee Nation: No. No, Forney, I don't love you. Not that way.

  • Sister Husband: That's what the late Brother Husband used to say...
    Novalee Nation: Brother Husband... Was he your husband?
    Sister Husband: No, he was my brother.

  • Ruth Meyers: Jesus Christ, another guitar player. What's your name?
    Willy Jack Pickens: Willie Jack Pickens.
    Ruth Meyers: I bet you didn't even make that up, did you?
    Willy Jack Pickens: What?
    Ruth Meyers: So, you just carry that guitar around to keep your balance?
    Willy Jack Pickens: You want me to play?
    Ruth Meyers: What the fuck do you think that I want you to do, call bingo? One tune; your best shot.
    Willy Jack Pickens: Well, I wrote this one myself.
    Ruth Meyers: I have goosebumps already.

  • Novalee Nation: I hope we can find a place to live that overlooks the ocean.
    Willy Jack Pickens: Hell, Novalee, you can't see the ocean from Bakersfield!
    Novalee Nation: Well... well, maybe a pond then.

  • Novalee Nation: Oh, I got money. The president of Wal-Mart gave me five hundred dollars.
    Mama Nell: Why, he's not the father of the baby, is he?
    Novalee Nation: No.
    Mama Nell: Ah, shit.

  • Lexie Coop: Which one?

  • Lexie Coop: He told you that he loved you, and you didn't say anything?
    Novalee Nation: I'm a dope. I'm such a dope, but I was scared. I was confused. The whole thing is just strange.
    Lexie Coop: Honey, don't take this the wrong way, but Forney is strange.

  • Lexie Coop: Americus? What kinda a name is Americus?
    Novalee Nation: I wanted her to have a strong name.
    Lexie Coop: Well, I guess I shouldn't talk. I named my kids after snack foods: Brownie, Praline, Cherry and Baby Ruth.

  • Novalee Nation: I think I might be pregnant. You remember this guy I told you about last month?
    Lexie Coop: The good-lookin' mechanics?
    Novalee Nation: I don't know what's wrong with me. I didn't even wanna be with him.
    Lexie Coop: Didn't he use anything?
    Novalee Nation: Just me.

  • Novalee Nation: What do you think? It took me a whole month to get back to my old size.
    Sister Husband: Oh, well a little weight on a woman is no harm.

  • Novalee Nation: At the end of each letter that he writes, "Please tell your mother I extend my best wishes."
    Lexie Coop: Hot.

  • Sister Husband: Home is where your history begins. Home is where they catch you when you fall.

  • Novalee Nation: You feel that? That little bom-bom-bom? That's where the heart is?

  • Forney Hall: Well, I work in the library.

  • Forney Hall: Yeah. And if you spin a cow around real fast you'll get whipped cream.

  • Lexie Coop: My kids could turn this place into a dump before the door closes.

  • Novalee Nation: Willie Jack got the whole car for eighty bucks. He had to fix everything on it. And here's the best part.

  • Lexie Coop: Honey, I know that your mother walked out on you and what that butthole Willie Jack did. But that is what makes them trash, not you.

  • Lexie Coop: This old gypsy woman once told me that if you jump backwards nine times before the sun comes up you won't be pregnant. Well, I jump so far I had to take a bus back and then I had twins.

  • Forney Hall: Why would a man on a Harley steal a woman's pillows?

  • Sister Husband: Harry, we're alcoholics, we're generally satisfied to hurt ourselves.

  • Novalee Nation: I never lived in a house that didn't have wheels on it.

  • Lexie Coop: (driving up to the curb) Hi! Sorry, honey, but I made it.
    Lexie Coop: Hi! Sorry, honey, but I made it.
    Novalee Nation: Was it a big inconvenience?
    Lexie Coop: Novalee, I have five children. Everything is an inconvenience. Mind if I drive real slow on the way home? I'd like to pretend it's a vacation.

  • Novalee Nation: What fives?

  • Novalee Nation: I don't like fives.

  • Novalee Nation: I lied, Forney.
    Forney Hall: You lied? You didn't go to Tennessee?

  • Novalee Nation: Night nitrogen defic... defic...
    Forney Hall: Deficiency! Keep readin'.

  • Lexie Coop: Novalee, Forney is in love with you! Tell me you don't know that.
    Novalee Nation: It's just not like that with me and Forney.
    Lexie Coop: I have seen him. He loves you. He loves the way you walk, he loves your hair, he loves everything about you.
    Novalee Nation: Forney and me, we're just not the way. Forney's different from us. He went to college. His family had money.
    Lexie Coop: What are you tryin' to say? That you're not good enough for him?

  • Lexie Coop: (eating Novalee's breakfast) I hope you're not hungry.
    Lexie Coop: I hope you're not hungry.

  • Novalee Nation: On my fifth birthday, my mama ran off with a baseball umpire named Fred and never came back. And after I dropped out of school and was waitin' tables at Red's, one of the regulars there named Gladys went crazy. When I tried to calm her down, she jumped at me with a steak knife and cut me from my wrist to my elbow.

  • Novalee Nation: Five days old, she got the Jaundice. Five weeks old, she got an ear infection. Five months old, she was kidnapped. Five years old? I'm not lightin' any fires, thank you.

  • Novalee Nation: (sees Americus eating dough in her nose) Americus, what are you doin'.
    Novalee Nation: Americus, what are you doin'?

  • Moses Whitecotten: Have you thought of a name yet?
    Novalee Nation: Well, I was thinkin' about Wendi with an "I."
    Moses Whitecotten: Oh no, don't you dare.

  • Willy Jack Pickens: Is it alright? Does it have a name?
    Novalee Nation: Yes, it's a girl. Her name is Americus and she's mine. You stay away from her!
    Willy Jack Pickens: Stay away from her? I can't even get out of this bed, Novalee. What am I gonna do, run away with her?
    Novalee Nation: If you think I'm gonna feel sorry for you.
    Willy Jack Pickens: (interrupts) I just get some new legs and a new liver. That's all.
    Willy Jack Pickens: I just get some new legs and a new liver. That's all.
    Novalee Nation: (yells) Then why'd you come here? Why you comin' after us.
    Novalee Nation: Then why'd you come here? Why you comin' after us.

  • Willy Jack Pickens: I was comin' to see you
    Novalee Nation: Sure
    Willy Jack Pickens: I was.
    Novalee Nation: What were you gonna do, Willie Jack? Go back to the Wal-Mart. Think I'd still be here waitin' for you for five years later.
    Willy Jack Pickens: No. I just.
    Novalee Nation: I gave birth at a Wal-Mart.
    Willy Jack Pickens: Was it a boy? Was it a girl?
    Willy Jack Pickens: (yells)

  • Sister Husband: Dear Lord, we ask that you bless this food to the nourishment of our bodies. And we ask forgiveness, Lord, for the fornication that Mr. Sprock and me committed this mornin' on this very table.

  • Ruth Meyers: My name is Ruth Meyers. Call me Ruth Meyers.

  • Novalee Nation: You tell them that our lives can change with every breath we take... and tell 'em to hold like hell to what they've got: each other, and a mother who would die for them and almost did... You tell them we've all got meanness in us, but we've got goodness too. And the only thing worth livin' for is the good. And that's why we've gotta make sure we pass it on.

  • Lexie Coop: Brownie, Brownie. Do not lassot your sister.
    Lexie Coop: Brownie! Brownie! Do not lasso your sister!

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