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August 21, 2002
July 12, 2002
June 18, 2002
Emmerich's battle scenes may look authentic to anyone who has ever stared hard at a history book, but in every other way the film is long, empty and bogus.
June 10, 2002
By the time Martin begins waving around a gigantic American flag to rally his supporters for one last clash, the film has become so mechanical and jingoistic you might just as well be watching "Declaration of Independence Day."
June 3, 2002
La pelcula est muy bien realizada, pero, por desgracia est realizada al ms puro estilo Hollywood.
May 31, 2002
O filme apresenta claros indcios de que Roland Emmerich est amadurecendo.
May 8, 2002
Its convictions may be half-baked, but it has the courage of them.
April 3, 2002
A stunning-looking, undeniably compelling but empty-headed shoot 'em up.
March 22, 2002
Make no mistake about it: The Patriot is a cartoon, even if it does have real people playing the parts.
January 27, 2002
November 27, 2001
November 3, 2001 honest depiction of warfare that focuses on characters and symbols.
October 30, 2001
October 24, 2001
There's some good stuff here -- far more than one would think, considering the source -- but it never quite puts it all together.
October 10, 2001
The American Revolution - in comic book form.
August 9, 2001
A grand yarn with a sense of the weight of history and an awareness that the winners are often those who have lost the most.
May 10, 2001
Deserves a salute as the first Hollywood epic about the American Revolution to successfully blend ferocity and feeling.
April 24, 2001
April 17, 2001
It's a cornball epic, but it sweeps you along against your better judgment.
April 5, 2001
I would like to say to Devlin and Emmerich that they have hereby been forgiven for Godzilla.
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