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Critic Consensus: A dull, soapy potboiler that lacks the energy to qualify as a guilty pleasure, The In Crowd is undone by slow pacing, poor acting, and a stunning lack of originality.

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A young woman gets a startling perspective on how the other half lives in this teen-oriented thriller. Adrien Williams (Lori Heuring) is a troubled working-class college student who on the advice of her doctor takes a summer job at a posh country club. Brittany Foster (Susan Ward) is one of a group of wealthy students who while away their summer break with nighttime parties and days at the beach. Brittany takes a liking to Adrien and introduces her to her social circle, to the displeasure of her close friend Kelly (Laurie Fortier). Adrien also gets to know Matt Curtis (Matthew Settle), a tennis pro with whom Brittany is infatuated; when Adrien and Matt begin a relationship, Adrien learns the hard way that the rich kids can quickly turn vengeful and deadly. Along with Orpheus and In Between, The In Crowd was one of three films directed by Mary Lambert scheduled for release in 2000.
PG-13 (for violence, sexuality, language and drug content)
Drama , Mystery & Suspense
Directed By:
Written By:
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Susan Ward
as Brittany Foster
Lori Heuring
as Adrien Williams
Matthew Settle
as Matt Curtis
Kim Murphy
as Joanne
Daniel Hugh Kelly
as Dr. Henry Thompson
Tess Harper
as Dr. Amanda Giles
Peter Mackenzie
as Bob Mead
Joanne Pankow
as Milena
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Critic Reviews for The In Crowd

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Late-night cable, here it comes!

Full Review… | July 21, 2014
New York Daily News
Top Critic

Brittany is so obviously wicked, from the first glimpse we get of her, that there's nowhere for Ward to take her, except over the top.

Full Review… | July 18, 2014
Seattle Times
Top Critic

The press release makes a "special request" to not reveal the ending. They didn't need to worry. Anyone over PG-13 age is going to know exactly where this movie is going long before it gets there.

Full Review… | June 10, 2013
Chicago Tribune
Top Critic

Late-night Cinemax fare inexplicably granted a theatrical release.

Full Review… | June 10, 2013
AV Club
Top Critic

The In Crowd isn't a movie, it's Gorgonzola, a crumbly summertime stinker veined with pop-cultural fungus.

Full Review… | September 7, 2011
Entertainment Weekly
Top Critic

A country-club member takes a club employee under her wing in this cagey formula thriller that exploits homosexuality better than murder-mystery clues.

Full Review… | January 8, 2007
Chicago Reader
Top Critic

Audience Reviews for The In Crowd

The In Crowd is the obligatory teen thriller done with a twist and lots of sex appeal. A cute blonde and possible psycho (Lori Heuring) is released from the local girls' hospital for a work program at a posh club. Before she knows it the club queen and head hottie, Brittany (Susan Ward - with a skeleton in the closet) has taken her under her wing. But when the new girl crosses Britney, there's hell to pay as all of a sudden some pesky "accidents" and mysterious killings start bothering the club. Could darling, mysterious Brittany be the real crazy woman? The movie is filled with sexy bodies doing sexy things and there was this one scene when two of the "In Crowd" girls started to make moves on each other. Unfortunately the PG-13 got in the way and spoiled the fun. Dang!

Deb S
Deb S

Super Reviewer

i own this movie and i think it fits into the whole teen movie genre. it has lies, sex, manipulation, murder and drinking what more can you ask for.

miranda p
miranda p

The wierd thing is that i like this movie. It's crazy and insane but it's good. The reason y i like this movie? No idea, i just like movies with crazy ppl. And ppl in this movie like Britney actually exist in this world ! It's so hard to realized that they can kill. Imagine how she killed her sister. Rediculous funny. This story is about secrets. Secrets of secrets. And jealous. We've all been jealous to anyone in our life. Everyone get jealous. I get jealous u get jealous. I bet God is sometimes jealous too. But if u hide the jealousy as a secret, everything change. It's like dumpin trash in the same place.It gets smelly and someone finds out. And u have to tell lies and do everything,anything. SO y don't we just think it in a diffrent way. Like turn ur jealousy into something else like friendship or luv.

Val Lee
Val Lee

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