Nov 27, 2019
Save the time and expense of going to your own reunion. 10 Years covers it all...and it's a lot more fun.
Oct 31, 2019
It is a movie of small truths, usually well observed.
Jan 22, 2013
Dec 5, 2012
It's easy to see how Linden attracted such a star-studded young cast. Most every character has his or her own moment, and many of them deliver lines that stick with you.
Dec 5, 2012
To hate 10 Years is like hating the enthusiastic girl who organizes your high school reunion-- can you really be so mean when so much effort was made and a reasonably good time was had by all?
Oct 9, 2012
Solid, most notably, Lynn Collins, whose Anna is the most deeply explored character in the film.
Sep 30, 2012
a pleasing mix of belly laughs and gentle sighs. When the plot twists, and the secrets are revealed, what they lack in surprise they almost make up for in a gentle, heartfelt sincerity.
Sep 27, 2012
There is an embarrassment of wealth in the young acting pool participating in this enormous ensemble filled with drama and comedy.
Sep 22, 2012
10 Years is no Big Chill, but it has just enough warmth to keep it alive.
Sep 21, 2012
..the major players all feel real and relatable and the Albuquerque location projects anywhere U.S.A.
Sep 21, 2012
A bracingly un-gimmicky, heartfelt and fresh take on the theme of growing up.
Sep 20, 2012
A bittersweet ensemble comedy about how much people and circumstances can change while staying quite the same.
Sep 20, 2012
A full-blown entertainment of observational humor and relatable poignancy.
Sep 20, 2012
Even the most exhausted, hackneyed and innately annoying genre can yield a film of breezy charm and prickly dramatic consequence.
Sep 20, 2012
Made in the vein of The Big Chill, only cuter and more sentimental, this reunion tale benefits from its appealing cast headed by Chaning Tatum.
Sep 20, 2012
Little deviations from the norm that add up here, making 10 Years feel special and considered, and not just a vessel to sell nostalgia and a soundtrack to a generation in the mood for a little regression.
Sep 20, 2012
Linden manages to overcome what would seem to be a premise fraught with peril with a lot of help from a likable cast, making "10 Years" a surprisingly enjoyable movie.
Sep 20, 2012
Takes a bare-bones concept and lets a spectrum of forced and poignant moments play out over a night that's happily light on drunken shenanigans.
Sep 19, 2012
'10 Years' is a surprisingly solid variation on a familiar tune.
Sep 17, 2012
Writer/director Jamie Linden and his excellent cast beautifully evoke the sentimental magic inherent in their scenario.